Your Dream Matters


Your dream matters.

(The matter you see is made from it.)

Imagine it, see it in your mind, go to sleep playing it out—on repeat. How it feels, how it smells, how the very essence of it tastes in your body.

And then play that vision backwards, from the ending all the way back to the very beginning, making note of all the tiny happenings taking place in between. Peeling the onion of the dream back to the core of your being. And once you have arrived, go to where you presently are, get up and simply start there.

Meaning, go back and ‘act out’ each step, beginning with the first … but as you go (and this is both the hardest and the most magical part!) you must, you simply MUST leave room for Magic!!! Be willing to loosen your grip on all your little darlings and even let them fall completely away if they have to…

You must give your dream the freedom to change, so it can rearrange, so it can truly become what it was that was dreaming up You in the first place.

This may mean losing things that have been so precious to you that you could not imagine ever being without them. And you simply must let them go too. Because this dream is way more than just some horse show. And how do you know? Because you want it. It’s that simple.

And if you are brave enough to believe that your own dreams just might be worth your own awareness … well then, that’s when your dream becomes your bread crumb trail of inner Light, leading you home, to you 🌟

But don’t be surprised if who you find is not who you thought lived there. If you’re anything like me, you’ll see that she’s far from perfect, though she’ll be blessed with some near perfect moments …

And her awareness matters on it. Because she will make more of that which she pays attention to. So those near perfect moments, she must not see them as separate from her, because that is simply not true. They are what matters to her, made manifest, as the matter that surrounds her. Her awareness matters.

And what matters will be different for every body, but one thing is always the same. If you want it. It does matter.

📷 I had no intention of doing this backwards skipping. It was more something we were practicing for my going forwards … but it started to get better and better … and though there is room for improvement, it was definitely at a place that Magic was quite happy with it … so we included it.

In this moment she is on her right lead and I have switched to the left (which is my right, her left, because I am backwards) and am asking her to switch with me, and in the next stride, she does!!

It was so simple, yet also so obviously complex, and perhaps more so for me than for her… which is truly the part I like best. I love stretching myself.

I dreamed. I visualized. I ran backwards in a race and one mile every other day leading up to this (still do) and then, when we walked in that pen, I left room for Magic.

and there she was, filling the space with, sure, I’ll do it with you 🦄😉

That’s what happens when the dream, is dreaming … You.

(and I haven’t begun to tell you just how deeply I personally struggled with letting myself even dream of doing this performance. It felt so selfish. and from where I now exist, that seems crazy … but I did believe it. It just felt so true back then.)

🌟 So, please take this as your official sign, your nudge from the inside, your letter from a friend 💕

🌟 Your Dream matters.

The matter you see is made from it.

🌟 Your Being matters.

Your lived experience of life itself is shaped by it….though that does not mean that bad things don’t happen to good people, of course they do, but your being true to the inner most Light of you is way more powerful than anything that can happen to you, as those manifestations will come and go, but you are always gifted the freedom (free will) to choose to be You.

This whole world is manifested upon each one of us placing our awareness on what we want, as well as what we don’t … we just aren’t always aware of it.

Give yourself the freedom to place your own awareness (meaning your time, your energy, your thoughts, your love) place your own awareness on that which makes you happy inside. (this doesn’t not mean ignoring your shadows, those dark places are often our best kept secrets of self discovery … my best friend used to say ‘the key to living your hearts greatest passion waits for you patiently in the mouth of your dragon’)

I just mean…let yourself want it, devote your time to dreaming it, visioning it, being it, and doing it. Let yourself love Your dream. Your thing. You.

It might seem selfish, but…

a mother that is at peace within herself can be the space of grace a child needs when they are confused or afraid…

a spouse that feels the freedom to chase their own dreams can love their partner from a place of true completion …

a person that is honest with their employeer, clients, boss or whomever that may be … a person that is honest about what it is they are willing/able to do, and what it is they are not willing/not able to do … that person will always be able to deliver because they are simply making clear their own rules, and it’s not fair (nor possible) to expect the other person to know something only they can know.

She knows what makes her happy. No one else knows. But they ALL do want her to be happy … (the whole world DOES want you to be happy)

because as the saying goes … “Ain’t nobody happy when momma ain’t happy.”

I will say it once more … (because I say it for me too.

you know I’m always talking to myself right?)

Your dream matters ✨️

💕 Mary

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