The **below story was written Feb 15th, 2017. So much more has happened since, as we now have the Soul Sisters safely home at Be Life Farm and I am LOVING every step of the gentling process with them. They are also being featured in a documentary film called ‘Soul Sisters’. Please visit their film page at for many videos and updates. I am also posting many updates on out fb pages.

**I want to take a moment to share with you all the story on these Wild Soul Sisters.

I had a dream of adopting our #8 wild mustang from Magic’s homeland of the South Steens, Oregon. My relationship with Magic is so unique and so strong. I have felt powerfully compelled to connect with another wild horse from her home. It is a rare opportunity, as the BLM had not pulled any Mustang off the range since Magic’s gather in 2009 – but in 2016 it finally happened and I was not going to hesitate to jump at the opportunity.

(Below is a short video of Magic, co-created by Mary Miller-Jordan & award winning film-maker Ivy Schexnayder)

The wild South Steens Mustangs were posted on the 2017 Jan/Feb BLM Online Internet Adoption and I began pouring over their pictures. Looking for that ‘knowingness’ within when the ‘right’ one appeared. There were MANY beauties, one that even looked at bit like Magic herself – but it was not Magic I was looking to recreate. That would be impossible, honestly I was not sure what I was looking for. We still have Magic by the way and she is a HUGE part of our I AM HERD Retreats.

The only wild horses that really grabbed my attention were these two white mares. (I thought I was looking for one! ha!) These mares were not as striking at first glance as some of the others. Their white coats showed off ever speck of dirt and I thought it a bit crazy for me to even consider them at first, with the blacker than black soot type dirt that covers our Be Life Farm. But my mind kept drifting back to them. I was fascinated to see that practically every picture of them I found showed them side by side. Their tag numbers, branded on their necks by the BLM, were #3736 then #3737. This was a result of them being one behind the other when processed in the chutes. Their video clip at the holding facility shows them again, side by side. First 3736, then 3737. Always together.

I began to research their history in the wild. Fortunately for me, there is a large group of dedicated wild horse photographers that frequent the South Steens, and quite a few had images of these girls. I reached out to them and I was met with overflowing kindness and a flood of images of them in the wild and information about their history.

I assumed they were sisters. One would think so. Identical in size (15 hh) and color (both completely white with light blue eyes). They appeared to be together all the time. The below image shows the mother “Calypso” and her two foals. The older one is Maera, the younger is Omega. I thought for sure these were the two girls on the Internet Adoption!

But, only one of these sisters, Omega, was in the gather. Not long before the bait trap gather of August 2016 the older of these two sisters, Maera, joined the wild stallion Little Eagle and they were not trapped. They are pictured together below. (What amazing Wild Steens babies to come from this pair!)

The two images above are by Terry Smith of Images on the Outside

So only one of these two identical Calypso daughters, were identified as one of the TWO identical wild horses up for adoption.

So, if not the sister, who was the other white wild horse???

Image by Beverly Shaffer (below)

Omega, Calypso’s daughter is pictured in front. The Unknown white horse is behind.

Thanks to information shared by Terry Smith of Images on the Outside, it turns out at some point in the Fall of 2014 an unidentified white Wild Horse joined the herd that  Omega would later join in the winter of 2015-2016. Once they both joined, the photographers say that you could see them together all the time.

The two images below by Mustang Meg show the two girls side by side in their band.

And they have been this way ever since. Side by side. Not biological sisters, but Soul Sisters.

As I continued to pour over the list of South Steens Wild Horses available for adoption I could not help but feel that these girls seemed a bit familiar to me in a way I could not yet explain.

For some unknown reason I was prompted to recall a conversation I had with a friend years ago. It was March of 2014 to be exact and I even dug up the private facebook message.

Here it is … (My words are in Blue)


The discovery of this intention that my heart put out into the world left me feeling so AWE STRUCK by the Unseen that guides all this Seen existence. I can hardly explain the emotion. But I think the most powerful knowingness that arose within me was just how taken care of I truly am. Just How Taken Care Of We ALL Truly Are! The Unseen is at work right now, pulling strings in the hearts of others, aligning the stars and the moons – collaborating WITH my own Unseen Soul to bring into this Seen reality whatever it is we Intend to Create! The simple awareness of that fact – it just Overflows my soul and brings me such sacred peace and unbounded excitement all in the same breath.

I had asked for this. I had wanted this. I had Told God this Wanting within me by Telling my friend Hyla. Because the fact is, God is within her as well as God is within me. By sharing my heart’s desires with her, the God within me was sharing with the God within her. She does not even know yet what a HUGE role she played in setting this Seen reality into motion. How many other countless connections must we all have? Unseen ways we are co-creating with one another. They are Infinite.

We have so much more influence over our divine existence than we could begin to imagine.

March 4th, 2014 I had sent that massage.

Only months after an ‘unknown’ Wild Horse had magically appeared out of nowhere to join a herd where she would soon become best friends with a Wild Horse that was her mirror.

“We never knew where she came from” – Wild Horse Photographer, Terry Smith ‘Images on the Outside’

In the below image, the Unknown mare is on this side of Omega.

Images on the Outside – Terry Smith (above)

Perhaps it was not just me setting forth intentions into this world.

Perhaps this ‘unknown’ Wild Horse had sent me a message too.

Perhaps she whispered to my soul that she desired to partner with the soul of a wild horse in order to help bring a new, unified LIGHT into this Seen world. A Light that shines from the invisible connection that unifies us all. A light that shines brighter and brighter, with each new Soul that acknowledges its existence.


Mustang Meg, Wild Horse Photographer (Above)

As I type this, it is currently 9:45 pm central time Feb. 15th, 2017 and our family is currently driving out to Oregon to pick up these two girls in person. And though we have not yet met, our mission has already begun.

Please join us at non profit fb page I AM HERD for daily Interactive Inspiration as we join our Souls and shine our lights BRIGHT – Together!

~ Mary Miller-Jordan