The first colt born of the SoulSisters has had a name for quite some time, though I have found it difficult to post about it. There is such deep meaning in his name for me, that every time I try to type the words they just fall short.

A week after he was born I was sitting in the grass watching him. He was a bit shy then and watching me as well, but from a distance. I asked him, silently –

‘So what is your name?’

and I heard back, in the same moment that I thought the words …

‘Wild IAM’

So what is Wild IAM you might think?

The Wild I AM, is the you that was YOU long before your Seen world told you who to be. It is the YOU that is your deepest, most authentic self. This is your WILD I AM, the I AM that breathes you, that IS you, that is Still you, though it may be hidden deep within many dense layers of Domestic I AMs created by culture and society.

This amazing colt so perfectly captures the true essence of the Wild I AM that breathes us all. He is so purely, authentically and simply a crystal clear reflection of his true Wild I AM.

It makes perfect sense for this colt to carry such a name. He is the son of the older SoulSister, Unity. This wild Mustang mare carries the magic of the cosmos within her gaze. Her Soul is so vast, so deep, so limitless, so incredibly open and inclusive of all. She carries a deep grazing mode peace with her in all she does and there is no doubt, she passed this on to her foal. (below is an image of Unity, image by Ivy Schexnayder)

His father is Mateo, a strong, bold band stallion of South Steens, OR. A striking deep bay roan with muscle, and bone and substance to spare. This colt is stamped with his father’s strong presence and strength, just as he is filled with his mother’s vast open peace. (below is Mateo, image by Mustang Meg)

So Wild I AM it is 🙂 I call him “IAM” for short and I am falling more deeply in love with him with each passing day. He seems to be shedding out to a buckskin roan. He is so striking and so very calm. Nothing phases him, nothing scares him. He is so deeply confident in who he is and so confident in the safety of this world he has been born into. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to offer him a life that will honor, protect and nurture his very own Wild I AM as he grows and matures throughout his life in this amazing Mustang vessel.

Blessings Flow