Wild I AM Reborn

All the Mustangs, all the trees, all that lives and breathes holds the Wild I AM of Reborn.


I am Mustang pony Clarity, I was born in Nevada. I lived in a wild Mustang herd where I ran beside my mother. Nursing from her, grazing at her side and resting underneath her legs. My natal band comes from a long line of hardy, gritty and highly intelligent Mustang ponies. Our welsh pony ancestors were shipped over on boats to the ‘new world’ to be used in the pitch black mines of Nevada. We had to be small and hardy, but we also had to be brave to face realities that were nothing like we had ever seen before.


My ancestors knew the Wild I AM Reborn and I do too.


Let me carry you on a personal visualization to better explain what I mean …


Think about what it feels like to drift off to sleep … you might be able to remember the feeling best from a short nap during the day. That time when you are drifting off – but you are still awake enough to feel and remember the feeling – or perhaps you recall the feeling best as you are gradually becoming awake. The sweet, peaceful, wonderful feeling that you feel as you begin to slip over – to the other side of the veil.


Now – Imagine you are drifting off to sleep. Imagine, as you ease into slumber, your spirit is softly scooped up and carried gently away from your physical body. (Be at ease through this, as your physical body is still alive and will be right there ready and waiting for your return.) Your Spirit is taken to a place where foresight and hindsight meet perfectly. A place where all is known and nothing is asked. You bathe in this place. You become entrained to the rhythm of this music that is all around. This dance pulsates through you and a strong, yet soft and steady glow begins to radiate from your core. Your Spirit expands, radiating from this central core of you, and reaches outwards, becoming full of light and space. The feeling is more amazing than the beautiful feeling of drifting to sleep, the feeling is indescribable – it is some mixture of deep appreciation and love for All, as well as emotions we do not have words to express.


You arrive back to your physical body, that is sleeping peaceful as it awaits your return. You slip back into this cloak, allowing your Spirit to move fully into your heart space, your face, your arms and legs and fingers and toes. As your Spirit fills your cloak of a body once again – but this time something different happens from what you have experienced before.


You remember. You remember where you just were. You remember all you were aware of on the other side of the veil. You remember who you are.


Your Spirit has been made new. It is fully cleansed from any heaviness that was caused by your past life experiences. You are reborn. Just like an infant is reborn as she moves through the birth canal and out into the new world of new life. You are just like that little infant – with limitless potential to become, to do, to create, to be – Anything.

But there is a difference – you have a body that already has developed domestic tools to help you navigate this seen world. You have many tools, perhaps you can walk, talk, hear, or read? You have other types of tools as well, like your friends, connections, acquaintances. And perhaps you have gifts or talents you have developed or an interest in developing further?


Everything that has ever happened to you in your life has created domestic tools for you. Everything. Every habit, pattern or quality of your human self is a tool. Obviously, there are some of these tools that you would rather not use and rather not even have and some you may like a lot. But regardless of how many domestic tools you like and how many you dislike – there is one thing that separates your reborn Spirit from the reborn Spirit of a newborn infant – and that is you have the instant capability of making conscious decisions for your own self.


Are you hearing me??? This is HUGE! What are YOU going to do with this situation you find yourself in?


You have this body with all these domestic tools and you have this Spirit that has full awareness of your ability to use these tools in any way you desire. You can toss out old patterns or habits that no longer serve you. You can consciously choose to keep only the tools you like. Basically, hand pick from this vast array of qualities that you have developed over your years. Tossing back what no longer aligns and only keep what serves.


And how are you to know what tools to keep and what to toss? Well, I would think some of this would be obvious – you know what I am talking about – but for the more subtle decisions – that is when you must feel for it. Remember, your Spirit just awoke from an entrainment with all you truly desire to be. The vibration is within you. Feel for it. Feel your way out of the dark and hand pick your tools that you will use to build your next light house.


This kind of awareness is what quantum leaps are born of. This kind of awareness is available to you every new year, every new sunrise, everytime you open your eyes. This kind of awareness is the Wild I AM Reborn.


What will you do, now that you are aware? What will the world see when your Wild I AM is Reborn?


~ Wild Mustang Guide Clarity & MMJ