Wild I AM of Peace

From Wild Burro ‘Amigo’

I am not a Mustang. I do not have a long flowing mane. I do not gallop across the field just for the delight of the wind on my back. I am not often seen as the elegant, mystical, magical creature that the mustang is. My ears are long and floppy, not short and neatly curved at the tips. I move slowly and deliberately, each step is thought out well before I make a move. I am often viewed as stubborn and set in my ways. And that part, I will own – I am set in my ways – I am not at all ashamed of my Wild I AM and I own it with every ounce of my being.

The Wild I Am of Peace.

My name is Amigo, friend, and I was born in a huge herd of wild burros in southern CA. I was rounded up and hauled all the way across the country to an adoption location in SC. At the adoption, I stood calmly in the sea of chaos, as Mary’s friend spotted me. She felt my Wild I AM and when she told Mary about me – even though Mary was a state away, she felt my Wild I AM as well. The friend picked me up and brought me home so Mary could adopt me.

While I was waiting for Mary to come get me, her friend nicknamed me ‘Donkey don’t care’ because I was so calm and quiet. Of course I do care (and this friend meant it as a compliment actually) But often times those of us with a Wild I AM of Peace are labeled as lazy or less intelligent – especially in the human world. This is unfortunate, because the Wild I AM of Peace is such a gift to not only those that embody it, but to everyone that is touched by its presence.

I now live at Mary’s farm and I have been a part of the Soul Sister’s herd ever since they arrived. I was in their field as both of their babies were born. Both babies have loved to play with me, jump on me, chew on my tail and ears. I do not mind, it is who I Am to hold a precious space of Peace in the midst of any reality. It matters not if my surroundings are chaotic or full of serenity – my inner Wild I AM of Peace is steadfast.

My Wild I AM of Peace draws others to me. Humans and horses seek to be close to me. Being in my presence offers them the gift of Peace as well.

There are many humans that have the Wild I AM of Peace, but so often they ‘fight’ it. This Wild I AM is not rewarded in the busy domesticated human world. It is often seen as a weakness, not a strength. But this is so wrong. To fully embody the Wild I AM of Peace is the strongest thing one can do. That is why it takes a creature such as myself, a donkey that is known for being stubborn and steadfast, stuck in his ways, the root of the slang term ‘Ass’ … This takes a persistent being such as myself to manifest this title. It takes a creature as Strong as I am to truly fully embody such a powerful I AM. There is nothing weak about me. No one forces me to do anything. Especially my peace – No one forces me to lose my peace. No one has that power over me.

But sadly, many humans give this power of peace away. Many humans are being called on to embody this Wild I AM of Peace right now in this world that is so quickly evolving to a higher state of being. This embodiment of Peace is truly the key that will open the door to the other side, the new earth that is waiting for us all. I wish humans only knew what STRENGTH comes from the Wild I AM. These humans that are meant to embody Peace are often the ones that fight with the most passion and power. Determined to hold onto their self limiting beliefs that Strength comes from holding on, not letting go. These are the very humans that hold the power to offer a gateway of passage. A gateway created by full embodiment of nothing less than the Wild I AM of Peace.

Do you know what has happened as the Soul Sister’s babies have been growing up at my side? They now come close to me and share their own peace with mine. They play rough with one another, but no longer do they try to play rough with me. Did I ever tell them to stop? Did I ever kick them? Did I ever lose my Wild I AM of Peace in their sea of chaotic playful energy? No, No and No. I simply remained who I was and who I am and now they come meet me at that place. I see a Wild I AM of Peace being born within them as they share in the vibrations of my own.

This is how you manifest a new reality, this is how you change the world, this is how you open the portal to the New Earth that so patiently awaits us all – just on the other side of a very thin veil.

What will you do to uncover the Wild I AM of Peace with in YOU today?