I AM FEELING. I feel everything. The Energy bodies of others deeply affect me. The Energy body of everything deeply affects me. I choose to stay out of the crowd, because when in a crowd I am overwhelmed with the prickly, tightness of the Energy bodies that surround me. When someone is in a negative place, and they are hiding from their emotions, their energy becomes very sharp and painful for me to be around. It feels like I am being slapped and beat up to be close to them while they are in this space. I cannot stand it. I run away.

I crave to feel Energy that flows from authenticity. It feels so good. It is smooth and soft and it embraces me, like the warm rays of the sun on a cool day. It feels like home. I love to feel this home. I love to surround myself with others that are in this authentic space. I move closer to them. I feel them. I feel them when our physical bodies are side by side and I feel them from across the world. My WILD I AM FEELING knows no boundaries. I feel it all, everywhere.

This can be overwhelming with prickly fear and it can be overflowing with embracing love.

For every WILD I AM, there are DOMESTIC I AMs that can either benefit the WILD I AM or block the WILD I AM.

It is important that I develop supportive Domestic I AMs to support my WILD I AM of FEELING. I must remember that my WILD I AM of Feeling is deeply embedded within, it is part of my operating system, my hard wiring. It is the lens in which I view life. It is not a hindrance or a help and it is both of those at the same time. It is simply ME.

When I flee from this Feeling WILD I AM, it creates unhealthy, self-limiting Domestic I AMs. The unhealthy Domestic I AMs that often accompany my WILD I AM of Feeling are I AM Shut Off, I AM Hiding, I AM Closed, I AM Anxiety, I AM Untrusting, I AM Doubting, I AM Afraid. These Domestic I AMs quickly manifest within me to create a shell between my inner WILD I AM of Feeling and the outside world.

But these Domestic I AMs are toxic. They do not embrace my WILD I AM, rather they close it off and shove it down within me. These Domestic I AMs do not bring me peace and freedom, but I still can easily grow dependent on them, because they offer this shell – that falsely feels like protection from my overly sensitive Feeling WILD I AM.

But my WILD I AM does not need me to protect myself from it, rather it calls on me to embrace it and allow it to fill me up. My WILD I AM is where my deepest Authenticity breathes from. It is ONLY through Embracing and Freeing my WILD I AM that I can ever feel Free. Freeing my WILD I AM, Frees ME.

So, instead of blindly allowing these Domestic I AMs to form around me and box me in. I must consciously develop and create supportive Domestic I AMs within me to support my inner WILD I AM.

These supportive, beneficial Domestic I AMs are I AM Awareness, I AM Boundaries, I AM Movement.

I AM Awareness. This can be a WILD I AM, as well as a Domestic I AM. For me, it is a Domestic I AM that I must cultivate within myself. I must be Aware of my own feelings and Aware of my surroundings. Aware of my triggers. Aware of when I blindly fall into old patterns, allowing unhealthy Domestic I AMs to control me.

I AM Boundaries creates a healthy bubble of protection between my Energy body and the Energy bodies of others. I must recognize that creating boundaries is not unkind to others, it is in fact the most kind thing I can do for others, because it enables me to preserve who it is that I AM, I AM FEELING. And only when I can fully embrace my WILD I AM, can I serve others fully.

I AM Movement. This Domestic I AM is imperative for my WILD I AM to flourish. It is perhaps the most important Domestic I AM for me to cultivate. For it is when my Feelings get STUCK and stop moving, that they create pain in my body and pain in my life experiences. Learning to Create MOVEMENT for my Feelings to flow on is critical. I must allow Feelings to move Through me, both positive and negative feelings – All Feelings must be able to move fluidly throughout my Energy Body. When I am faced with overlapping Energy Bodies that cause me to feel prickly and painful, I move allow those feelings to MOVE through me and out of me. Even the Negative Feelings of others. Even my deepest negative feelings within myself. MOVEMENT must flow in order for me to Free my WILD I AM.

I AM Magic. I AM a Mustang. I know how to embrace my WILD I AM of FEELING. I am a master of the FEELING I AM, because it is my own. Many of you humans have a WILD I AM of FEELING as well, but many of you are suffocating your own WILD I AM, suffocating your own selves, underneath your shell of domestication. I can help you Uncover your WILD I AM. I can help you learn to create supportive Domestic I AMs, so that you can move out into this world a whole being. Filled up with your authentic self, your WILD I AM.