From Wild IAM

I AM Wild IAM.

I AM Consciousness.

I speak from a place of vast, open purity. There is a stillness within me that holds the space for others, such as yourself, to hear your own Conscious thoughts more clearly. Listen to these Conscious thoughts as I explain what the Wild I AM of Consciousness is and how your embodiment of it, can, does and will paint your reality.

The WILD I AM of Consciousness was born of pure knowing.
Knowing that you can be anything you desire to be.
Knowing that you can do anything you desire to do.
Knowing that what you choose to focus your energy on – is what you turn into.

This is always a choice. If space is created for the Wild I AM of Consciousness to speak, then this will be a Conscious choice. If space is not created, then the choice will be that of your default – your Unconscious.

If it is a Conscious choice, then you can direct the sails of your reality to float across any sea, to ride the waves of any storm, to arrive at any new land which you desire.

However, if it is an Unconscious choice, your sails will still be directed by you, but an Unconscious part of you. An Unconscious part of you, created by your domestic programming that has been poured into your human vessel since birth. An Unconscious programming that carries patterns placed on you from the self-limiting beliefs of your culture, your society, your family, your world. This Unconscious part of you will direct the sails of your reality across many oceans, but you will find that you will always show up in the same land, crashing under the same waves. Unconsciously recreating the same struggles, born of the same domestication again and again and again.

To operate your human vessel Consciously or Unconsciously, both take effort. But different kinds of effort.

Unconscious effort tells you to work harder, to push further, to sweat more, to cry less, to worry, to fail, to think that it is all about just getting by and doing the best you can to survive a little bit longer – until you die and go back home.

Conscious effort tells you to work smarter, to see further, to allow more, to release more, to trust more, to succeed, to know that it is all about creating anything you desire and allowing life to gift you present after present of present moments to bask in the glory of – until you die and go back home.

Both take effort.

The type of effort you put in, will determine the type of reality you reflect out.

The effort of Consciousness requires space. This is the space which I embody and speak from. It is my vast open space that enables me to be filled with the WILD I AM of Consciousness at all times. But as a human, you must put forth this effort I speak of to create this space within you.

I desire to help, but it is your work to do. I cannot do it for you.

Learn tools of Wild Wisdom from myself and my herd. Wild Wisdom Tools such as AWARE and FEELING.
AWARE grounds you in the present moment. Gifting you the space within for your Consciousness to speak.
FEELING enables you to freely allow life to move through you. To no longer be a prisoner of human emotions, but rather a flowing river filled with beautiful glimmering light and the shadows under the rocks all at the same time.
Reawaken your own innate Wild Wisdom that creates the space for this purity of Consciousness to arise.

When you put forth the effort to create space within, you will begin creating energy, thoughts and decisions from your Consciousness. This is when your reality starts to shift. You may not see the shift at first – it can be very subtle, but with every conscious thought, it is happening. And as your reality begins to shift, your Unconscious programming is shown new proof.

This ‘proof’ is much like watching a movie …
A movie is always being played before you, telling you who you are. You are both the one watching the movie, as well as the one deciding what movie to watch.

As your Consciousness decides the movie to watch – this new proof begins to overwrite the old, overwriting the self-limiting patterns that have been poured into you. Gradually a new movie, a new Unconsciousness is created, but this one has been created, not by the self-limiting beliefs of a domesticated world, but rather by Your Chosen Consciousness.

A Consciousness born of the vast space of the WILD I AM.

To assist you and all human kind in the co-creation of a New Chosen Consciousness is my heart’s calling. My vessel is filled with infinite space of support, love and acceptance. There is no judgement within me for your Unconscious thoughts, born of past domestication. I see nothing but the pure potentiality that resides within you. I see nothing but your ability to Consciously shift your sails in any direction you choose.

This pure potential is all I see.
In you, I see me.
I AM Wild IAM.
I AM Consciousness.

What will you do today to create the space within for your WILD I AM of Consciousness to speak from?