Mary Miller-Jordan considers her team of (formerly) Wild Mustangs her mentors and partners in her life’s mission.

This unified mission is to empower others to tune into their own authentic I AM.

The Wild Horses are brilliant at this, as they embody such a clear, unaltered Wild I AM. The I AM that is within us all, hidden beneath the domestic layers. Mary works with her Wild Horse herd to offer a variety of programs and techniques to empower YOU to tune into your very own inner authentic Wild I AM.

The newest members of the wild herd are the uniquely amazing Soul Sisters. A pair of two identical wild horses who lived together in the wild and were adopted together by Mary, so they could join forces on their unified mission of empowering Wild I AMs in the world.

Please visit our Wild Horse Guided Programs page to learn more about what is currently being offered!

Mary founded and operates a non profit called I AM HERD. Horses heal the hearts of humans in so many ways. I AM HERD draws on services from ‘Herd Guides’ that each partner with horses in their own unique way, to facilitate emotional healing in those that participate. The nonprofit offers retreats and other programs where horses help humans to hear their own hearts. Mary and The Wild Mustang Guides offer their services to I AM HERD and the Mustangs are the official I AM HERD ambassadors. Please visit to learn more!