I am totally intrigued by this unique Whorl on Omega’s new baby. It is a huge whorl right over his hip, centered on his topline! As if his energy whirls around within and then jumps up and out to the cosmos, tethering the physical and non physical in this way we can actually see the pattern of. I know other horses have unique Whorls, but this large one, square in the center of the back – it is a first for me! I am just in amazement of it and him, it must be woven into his name … but I am not sure how … any thoughts on that??? This unique Whorl prompted me to research more on Whorls/Swirls in horses.
It was easy to research, there is so much out there on this subject. From studying people’s whorls to cows to horses … It turns out that the same group of cells that migrate to form the skin cells of the epidermis, also form the Neurons of the brain. (Source 1)
So, the way I understand it is the hair is growing out of the skin and the skin is forming at the same time, from the same group of cells as the brain. There are many that say the direction of the whorl can give you a clue to whether a person or horse is right or left handed. And there are tons more analyses of placements of whorls on horses, here are a few …
A high whorl on the head of a horse is said to mean a more active mind. A low whirl is a less active mind (NOT less smart mind you, just less ‘active’ or ‘busy’) … and when I look at Amigo, our BLM burro – yep, his swirl is LOW on his face! A tight, centered whirl is said to be of a focused mind. Multiple swirls can indicate a more complex mind. And that is just the face! There are Whorls all over the body as well. They are seen as Energy centers (which is the part the REALLY fascinates me) The horse’s flow of energy moves through these Whorls in the location and way in which the Whorl lays. (Source 2)
*** Now, as you read these Whorl analyses, you could go crazy ‘over analyzing’ your horse’s Whorls. I personally see it as only a guide, but what the INDIVIDUAL HORSE tells you, should always come first. I would never want someone to discredit the potential of a horse, simply because of their Whorl placement. Every horse and every human has amazing gifts to offer. These Whorls only offer us a glimpse into the physical vessel our horse is existing in and can provide us with insight to better connect with our horse. And THAT is my intent, to better connect, to better understand, to be a better partner to my horse – whatever the Whorl pattern/placement may be. *** (this is pure ME, from my inner Source 🙂 )
For riding horses, there are certain placements of body Whorls that are said to be much better than others – and a whorl on the hip, and topline is not at all considered an ideal placement, because the Energy flow can get ‘stuck’ there, over the horse’s back. (Source 2)
Of course, there are so many ways we can help the horse move energy, that I would personally think this could be worked through, but the fact that Energy congregates in this location, centered on the top of this Mustang’s back … well THAT just fascinates me …
My higher calling with these Wild Mustangs is not to create a line up of riding horses to horse show with or sell or anything of the sort, but rather to partner with, as a unified herd, to bring their Wild Authentic Light INto this human world in a way that this human world can SEE it and be transformed by its brilliance – just as I am.
To think that this tiny foal has a vortex energy center, right on the top of his back. It just makes me feel all kinds of excitement when I think of the powerful ways he will be able to help others – ways I am certain that I am not even consciously aware of. Ways that were laid into his physical vessel, in the very first weeks of his development. At the same time that his mother was being gathered from the Wild, this vortex center, seen as a Whorl, was being painted upon his back.
This just MUST somehow be woven into his name. Though, I am not sure yet what that name is? Any thoughts?
~ mmj
Below are some Sources I pulled from. There is much more out there!
I did not quote from this article, but it is a great read on research by Dr. Temple Grandin on Whorls –> https://www.elsevier.com/connect/ho…