Omega’s colt is quite the fascinating character! Wild, direct, forward and bold. His Energy moves with precision and clear intent. Direct and focused. You can feel him when he approaches, even if from behind. His energy is that funneled. He knows exactly where he wants to go and he goes there. Much like his mama, Omega 🙂

He was born with a fascinating Whorl right square in the center of his topline. It is a huge circular whorl, as if all that direct, funneled Energy of his is being sent straight up into the Cosmos and the Cosmos are sending Clean, Clear Funneling Energy right back – through this huge Whorl that hovers near his ‘Sacral’ Energy Center.

I have never seen such a Whorl, and I am certain it is placed on him with clear intent, just as his Energy flows with such clear intentions. I knew it must influence his name.

Wild Helix just screams to me as I see him. Helix, honoring the spiral nature of his physical body mirroring the Energetic power of his presence. Helix also having such a Bold, masculine connotation. Helix just sounds Sharp, Solid, Strong. Just like his presence. Just like his mama, Omega’s presence too. And Wild .. oh he IS WILD 🙂

This is the face of a Wild HELIX 🙂

I am so amazed at the differences in these babies! Where Unity’s colt Wild IAM is so full of Grazing Mode peace, this little guy is full of … well, he is just FULL of it all! Ha!

IAM took weeks to decide he wanted to approach me, Helix was bee-lining to me on day one and has continued ever since. There is a very focused, direct, aligned organization to his energy as he approaches you. As if he is penetrating you, his presence moving into yours, whereas IAM feels quite the opposite. His presence feels more like an ocean you are stepping into as he approaches you. So different, and so perfect together.

So Wild Helix and Wild IAM it is. The SoulBrothers, born to the SoulSisters. I am so honored and grateful to share in their life and to have the opportunity to share their insight, wisdom and their vast, yet diverse Energy with others.

These are special Souls. Grateful to be theirs.