“When Being from the One Heart, you cannot be judged.”


I wrote this in personal reflection, after sharing the Social Services Knocking On My Door story …

it feels like it wants to be shared as a stand alone post …

I once had a spiritual guide share with me “When Being from the One Heart, you cannot be judged.”

She did not mean that people will not cast out their judgements upon me. She meant that those judgments would have no where to stick to me, because when I exist from the One Heart, all that is not true falls away. And what is ‘not true’? – all that is ‘not Love‘, that is all that is ‘not true’.

When judgement falls away there is but one thing that is left and that is Love. When judgment is cast upon me and I tune into the heart of my heart, the One Heart within us all, when I tune into this space of the only truth, everything else is seen for what it truly is – an illusion. Even the judgements, both judgements of me and my own judgements of my self. These judgements are perhaps the most powerful illusion of all, and yet in their absence, only One Truth remains.


I cannot say that I will not fall blind to my judgements of self inside … And I cannot say that I will not feel the stick of the arrows of judgement that will be cast into my own. … but I can say that from this space of awareness I am beginning to see. There is a veil becoming thinner as I peer into the Truth of me … and in this One Heart of this precious Loving Truth – All are loved and all are love. Even those darkest, most fearful parts of me – they are loved too. As my awareness awakens to this One Truth, I am beginning to more fully be – A whole human. A whole human, as I am beginning to feel the love for every part of me.

– Mary

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