What world am I bringing my children into?

So many will not ‘get’ where I am coming from at all with this. Some will get it completely. And those in between, well it is You that this is for. And it is for me, because sometimes, though I ‘get it completely’ in my core – I too fall in that ‘in between’ category as well, when I have started to look at the Seen world for too long.
So here goes …
What world am I bringing my children into?
With all the natural disasters all over the earth. With all the ‘confused’ people in positions of ‘power’. With all the unease and distress.
As I sit here about to birth my third child in months, is this the kind of world I should be excited to bring a new child into?
Well, I realize many will not agree – but from the depths of my soul I can tell you that YES, I am Thrilled to be able to bring life into this amazing world.
The only thing that ever stays the same – is CHANGE. And this world and all the creatures in it are changing – all the time – every day. And, as a collective, we are all moving in a POSITIVE direction. Depending on where you look, it may not always appear that way, but appearances are simply manifestations of past beliefs, past energy, past thoughts, past actions – Current Appearances are of the Past.
I see the past, but I feel the future. And it is BRIGHT. The future is a beautiful world of love, acceptance, joy. A future where religions come together, in true unity, all in celebration of the Divine Unseen that tethers us all. A future where we are aware of the unseen energy that fills our vessel and we know how to consciously choose the type of energy flow that we fill ourselves with. A world where common everyday words such as ‘h@te’ are never even spoken, because people have advanced to the point that they tangibly feel the discord that those words carry. A world where we evolve to use our human brains to their fullest potential, uncovering the many ways we can co-exist in harmony with all life on earth. A world where we are not afraid to die, because we finally have woken up to the fact that death is simply a new birth. And birth is always a beautiful opportunity for growth and experience and new opportunity. A world that is heaven, on earth. And a people that finally stop judging themselves and their neighbors, as they wait for their heaven to appear. A heaven that waits on the other side of a death that they are terrified of. A people that open their eyes to the heaven that is always here. A heaven that is more beautiful than we can imagine, yet a heaven that awaits us within the hidden potential of this same imagination.
Yes – this is the world that I am bringing my children into. Not because this is the world that currently is always experienced, I recognize that there is much discord in this current reality. But as I said in the beginning of this post, that discord is a visual manifestation of past thoughts, energy, beliefs, actions. Everything grows from the inside out. And this current world grew from the inside out of who we once were. But ‘we’ are Changing, because all that ever stays the same, is change. We are changing and our new world, will be a reflection of that new inside out growth. And THAT is the world I bring my children into. A world that grows from within their very own beliefs, thoughts, energy, actions. A world that truly is heaven on earth.
What an opportunity to actually be a helping hand to co-create heaven on earth. What a gift. What an honor.
Feeling so Grateful for the opportunity for my Soul to occupy this vessel at this time in reality where I can help consciously be who it is I desire to see in the world. It is a big job and not always easy. But just like I tell my girls – “You are good at things that are hard to do.”
– mmj

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