What is the Wild I AM?


/wīld ī am/

  1. The most sincere, authentic part of you
  2. The Wild, pure Energy/Light that Is you before domestication
  3. A portal to your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Everyone has a Wild I AM. Humans, horses, trees …

In humans – the Wild I AM is often shoved down, deep under the layers of domestication, buried so deep we no longer recognize it as our own authentic inner guide. But the Wild I AM is resilient and will continue to push her way through the layers, forcing her way to the surface in order to assist you in fulfilling your Soul’s contract.

The ‘Self Uncovery’ of the Wild I AM is what the Wild Mustang Guides and I are so deeply passionate about.

Here are a just a few Wild I AM messages from the Mustangs, perhaps one will resonate with you.

click the title to read each Wild I AM (these are only a small selection, there are many more)

Wild I AM of PEACE


Wild I AM of TRUST


Do you feel your Wild I AM calling? Are you ready to Uncover this authentic voice within?

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from our Wild I AM to yours,