To Be that which we wish to See


Easier said than done. Especially when so much becomes lit up within, when someone says something we strongly disagree with. And so we react. We spew back the same level of pain that we feel raging inside of ourselves – or we hold it in and it burns a hole inside.

And yet the only way to see the world that we want, is to become it ourselves. For we are the world. All of us. One holographic whole.

And yet we cannot hold the weight of the world on our shoulders either. Just as much as it is all mine, it is all yours. It is all both an inside job and no one’s job at all.

We do not have to remember to breathe, just as we do not have to remember how to Be that which we want to See.

But we do have to – get out of our own way. We have to set free our attachments to the game, to the being right, to the polarized way of being a better human than the ‘other’. I am not saying to silence your voice to the injustices of the world, no I am saying to actually give your voice the power to speak Being into Seeing.

By truly Being that which you wish to speak from. And speaking only from that space. Not speaking from a reaction to triggers, but allowing those emotions to be seen and heard and held like a small child within your own healing heart – and then allowing the hurt to drop down into the depths of the earth where it can be composted and brought back to life as a new flower.

We truly can re-birth together as a new flower. Together, we can. But it takes a new kind of bravery and a hero that is not featured in most of the cartoons we watched as a child. This is not about attacking the enemy or winning the game. This is about Being something brand new, a Being that is also so old that it knows how to do this better than me and you.

To Be that which we wish to See.

We can do this. I believe in me and you.

~ Mary

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