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The Wild I AM Uncovery is a journey of immersion into your true Wild Essence.

This Essence, Your Essence is as vast and luminous as the Sun. This Sun, which is your Soul, or whatever word you would like to use, is the vibrational wave you rode upon to come into your individual form. It is your core expression and intention of this very precious lifetime. This sun, your soul, is a vast field of unique energy which radiates countless of rays. Each ray illuminates a unique Wild I AM. Each ray is a flow of life and of light leading you back to the Essence of your very deepest Authenticity. Each time one of these rays is uncovered, embodied, unlocked and expressed fully – Your expression of life becomes freer, vaster and more luminous.

All too often our unique rays of light, our Wild I AMs, become buried beneath the heavy layers of domestication. This has come to be known as our accepted state of being. Society, culture and stagnant belief systems have attempted to convince us, this is a ‘normal’ way to exist. But in fact, this could not be more abnormal – to live a life where our treasures are buried within.

Science defines the ‘Wild type’ as the phenotype (manifestation) of the typical form of a species as it occurs in nature. The wild type is considered a product of the standard “normal” allele at a locus, in contrast to that produced by a non-standard, “mutant” allele.

To walk this earth with our Wild I AMs buried is, by definition above, a ‘mutant’ way of being. Just because this has become the accepted standard, does not mean we must accept it. Just because culture tells you the world is flat, does not mean that it is.

It is our time, it is Your time, to Uncover and Reawaken your Wild I AM within. It is our time, it is Your time, to uncover the very essence of your Soul.

Join the Wild Mustang Guides & MMJ and Sabina & Her Herd of Light, as we dive deeply into our hearts and embark on this wild journey together.


The Wild I AM Uncovery is a 5 month online immersion beginning March 31st 2018.

  • $995 total or 5 monthly installments of $199 per month
  • Co-hosted by the Wild Mustang Guides & MMJ and Sabina & her Herd of Light
  • 10 LIVE online sessions March 31st April 14th April 28th May 12th May 26th June 9 June 23rd July 7th July 21st Aug 4th (a replay is shared for those that are unable to tune in live)
  • An interactive private online forum (hosted on fb) where participants and hosts can actively support one another throughout this journey
  • Wild horse supported visual & guided meditations offered in HD
  • Guided Journaling
  • Self Uncovery Art Exploration
  • … and MORE 🙂




“My Wild I AM was once hidden, until the Wild Mustangs taught me how to peel away my Domestic layers and Uncover the WILD I AM that was hidden within.

It is now my heart’s mission to partner my WILD I AM with these Wild Mustangs and assist YOU in your own ‘Self Uncovery’ of your very own WILD I AM, empowering you to live a life more fully in alignment with your true authenticity.”

– mmj


Sabina has dedicated her life to the study of the soul and its journey toward embodiment. She has studied directly with Teachers of various Spiritual Paths, including Sufism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Kriya Yoga, Non-Dual Meditation, Reiki and Subtle Energy Healing.

Sabina has facilitated Spiritual Awakening Retreats, currently offers Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healings and leads Global Meditation Gatherings in the Presence of her Herd of Light – four beautiful Teachers who walk this earth disguised in their Tennessee Walker horse suits. Sabina is deeply dedicated to the lifelong journey of Self Uncovery and is devoted to assist and hold space to support others in their sacred journey of Awakening.


This is a very intimate experience with tremendous interactive support from your guides. Due to this nature of the workshop, we are only able to take a limited number of participants.

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