The work that Mary offers would not be possible without the support, guidance and energy of the Wild Mustang herd. They are such a ‘team’ that Mary considers herself one of ‘The Herd’ as well.

Above image, by Ivy Schexnayder, is Mary with four of the members of the herd. Sueño, Magic, Silver & Colors.

All of the Mustangs were adopted by Mary as wild horses from the BLM. They each have their own story and they are each deeply unique, like you and I. Their wild homelands range from Nevada, to Wyoming to Oregon. But they all now call Be Life Farm their forever home and though they are ‘gentled’ their spirits forever remain wild and free.

Each Wild Mustang has their own page on the site. Click their name to learn more …

Lindsay’s Faith, Sueño, Magic, Silver, Colors, Dance, Brave, The Soul Sisters (Omega and Unity)