The Goal of I Am Herd is to reach out to as many people as possible to share the message of believing in your SELF and owning what makes you unique. As one of the Mustang Messages is titled, “Own Your Weird”.

Along with the goal of helping humans, I Am Herd is also about showcasing the talent that America’s wild Mustangs naturally possess. There are 50,000 plus wild Mustangs being held in captivity right now. They all need homes and they are all deserving. Every soul, horse and human, deserves a chance to shine!

I Am Herd became incorporated as a nonprofit in the state of North Carolina February of 2015 and we are on track to receive our 501-3c status.

How do we help others?

  • Expense paid retreats, where equine therapy is used to heal and guide body, mind and energy. These retreats focus on many different target groups including bullied children, domestic violence, cancer patients and more.
  • One on one mentoring. At risk youth are partnered with a responsible, I Am Herd selected adult for one on one mentoring and guidance.
  • Supplement programs for schools. Creative writing and drawing is used to cultivate self confidence in school age youth.
  • “Keep your Day-Dream” Small business start up grants to fund entrepreneurs in the job of their dreams.

I Am Herd just launched in 2015 and we have many ideas we are excited to turn into realities. We want to empower everyone to ‘hear their own heart’

Be sure to read our Mission page to learn more.

Flying Colors
Flying Colors



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