Sabinananda Songs of the Soul Sisters CD - Signed by the Artist + Digital Download Version

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Oh how I adore this CD. These songs are originals from Sabinananda and they are the soundtrack to the Wild Horse Road Trip documentary movie that follows our journey in adopting and bringing the Soul Sister Mustangs home to I AM HERD!
You can sample the songs here.

This gift set is an actual hardcopy version of the CD, signed and personalized to you (or your giftee) by the artist herself! We will also include a digital download card, as we realize many people no longer use CDs - but to feel this gift in your hand, as well as listen to this music, oh what a precious gift it is!

Please send us an email at and let us know who you would like Sabinananda to sign your CD to. These CDs are at her home and we will pass your message to her so that she can sign them and mail them out directly to YOU!

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