Online Relationship-based Liberty Clinic with Mary-Miller-Jordan and Mustangs August 12th - 13th

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This is an immersion into Mary's relationship-based work with the Mustangs.

***This clinic will be held entirely online, LIVE ON ZOOM!***

Participants will be observing Mary working one on one with various members of the herd. Featured Mustangs will have a wide variety of previous life experiences and unique personalityies, therefore Mary's approach with each one will vary drastically.

Pre-recorded videos of Mary working with different Mustangs as well as live interactions will be shared and discussed live on zoom.

Mary and the Mustangs will introduce ...
* Positive reinforcement/clicker training- both classically {ie following the rules} as well as creatively {ie making up new rules}
* Mindful pressure/release -this is important too and cannot be avoided, because the truth is we are doing it all the time, everytime we are near a horse, even if we are not aware, even if we don't want to - better off to do it awake!
* Animal communication -that everyone can do! and that you are likely already doing, perhaps without even knowing!
* Horse and human body language -what it looks like, how it is different from horse to human, because the two are not the same. Human bodies and horse bodies will never be the same, but the mirror neurons DO syncronyze
* Energetic work within the human - this is our on going relationship with our own inner child and this cannot be avoided, as it is painting everything we do with horses
* How all of these weave together to develop a truly heart-based connection.

This online clinic is offered in the heat of the summer ON PURPOSE! Feel free to enjoy from the comfort of your air conditioned living room 🙂


Saturday Aug. 12th and Sunday Aug. 13th (times are the same both days)

Morning session 10:30-12:30
Break for Lunch 12:30-1:30
Afternoon session 1:30-4:30

A recording of the entire event will be made available to all participants.

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