ROAD TRIP – Getting Ready

Are we for REAL about to trek with our entire family all the way from NC to OR in FEBRUARY! ???! .. to get WILD HORSES and bring them ALL the way back home… in 17 days!?! Is that REALLY happening?

Why yes, yes YES it IS! Though I think we are a bit in SHOCK that it is.. we are getting READY because we head out on Feb 14th, Valentines day – to get our new Loves!

I really should not be surprised, as the universe has been conspiring for this to happen for quite some time. I recall have a specific dream, a vision of specific wild horses – way back in 2013. I even shared it with a friend that frequents the BLM corrals – so she could be on the look-out. .. honestly I think I had forgotten all about it. But the Universe/God/Unseen .. whatever you would like to label that magical force that is guiding this world – well let’s just say, this was not forgotten at all. 😉

So this trip is SO happening and we are getting ready. From putting new brakes and tires on the trailer, to redoing the plywood inside it, to changing out belts on Grace (the RV is named Grace 🙂 ) to cleaning, to washing cloth diapers, to planning meals to to to … It is quite the LIST. But we are checking things off and we want to bring you along every step of the way 😉

Here is a video we put together all about it. 🙂

You can view the video on our I AM HERD fb page and answer the question to be in the drawing to WIN a Be You Lenny Children’s Book 😉

We will be posting LOTS Of updates this month as we prepare for and trek out on the adventure west! PLEASE Join our mailing list by messaging us at and be sure to tell us your name 🙂

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