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Join us in a 10 week immersion ‘Journey to the Chakras’ where we will make a hand made mala together as we explore each chakra center with the Mustangs and co-host Sabinananda Visit this link for further information

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Entraining to the Wild Ones

May 19-25

Join Mary Miller Jordan & her Wild Mustang GuidesSabinananda, the Wild Sanctuary Herd, and all the Wild Animal Beings on the sacred land of The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary in Deer Trail, Colorado for a week long retreat immersion:

























Entraining to the Wild Ones

What is Entrainment?

Entrainment simply means synchronizing vibrational resonance, for every vibration has a frequency and a rhythm. It takes far less energy for us to synchronize with the dominant vibration of an environment. For the Wild Ones, nature is the dominant vibrational field.  In Reality, it takes so much energy to go against the rhythmic vibration of nature, but humans have collectively mustered up a momentum so out of sync with nature and made it the dominant vibration. The Wild Ones are wanting to help us entrain back to Nature and since we ourselves are Nature, by this Entrainment we are led back home, deeper into our very self.

As individuals living seemingly separate lives, out of the daily ryhthms of nature, it at first takes great strength to notice and to reattune yourself.  By being in an intentional group Space, on retreat, out on hundreds of acres with the Wild Ones, we will experience this familiar rhythm building upon itself and strengthening.  By reawakening these natural rhythms within,  we will notice it takes far less energy to synchronize with nature and therefore with our true self in daily life. We will build an inner strength that entrains less and less to the ryhthms of the well-maintained man-made patterns and more and more to the Spaciousness we remember ourselves to be.

From The Wild Sanctuary Herd, On Entrainment:

” Breathe in Interbeingness. instead of feeling into your separateness, feel your Interbeingness. Where does your breath begin and another’s end? Where do the breaths meet? Where one begins and another ends fades into Interbeingness – we’ll meet you there.”

Below is a recording of Sabinananda sharing meditations and Messages from the Wild Ones on the sacred land of The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary.

This retreat is open to all who feel the call from the Wild Ones….a call to reawaken deep inner pathways of freedom, of peace, and of soul nourishment… a call to remember who you are.  Held by the land, one another and by all the seen and unseen Wild Ones, we will co-create a uniquely powerful, transformative and Sacred Herd Space.  In this safe and amplified Space the Interbeingness of our Nature with all of Nature can fully reawaken and the deepest parts of our Being can be quenched.

Each day we will incorporate  subtle body awareness practices,  yogic asanas, breathing practices, sacred sound healing, guided meditations, creative nature art,  transmissions of messages from the Wild Ones, and walking meditations, with ample personal reflection time and space to simply BE.

High vibrational meals will be prepared and served daily with the intention of supporting all levels of our Being,  to  balance,  to nourish, and to support inner harmony. We are happy to accomodate personal dietary needs as communicated in advance.


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$1820 – includes Tent Camping (bring your tent), Tuition and Organic Meals (4 ‘pads’ available for Tent Camping, first come first serve)

$2450 – includes Shared Cabin, Tuition and Organic Meals (4 shared cabins are available)

$2750 – includes Private Cabin, Tuition and Organic Meals (3 private cabins are available)

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