Our Words = Our Emotions

So, over a year ago our family made the conscious choice to omit the word ‘H@te’ from our daily language. It is an all too common word in our daily interaction with others and ourselves.

Once you have omitted it from your own self talk and talk with others, it becomes blatantly obvious how often most people say it – without even knowing. And, the odd thing is, it is often said in efforts to say something ‘good’ .. for example … when someone says, ” oh I just h@te that for you” in response to something negative going on in a friend’s life .. We do a lot of h@ting what we do not like, blindly thinking that expresses to the world just how deeply we dislike this negative situation – but the fact is, our body, our mind, becomes infiltrated with the negative vibrations of that powerful word, each time we verbalize it – or even say it in our head.

I truly was not aware of this until I stopped saying it, but now that I have, I can tangibly FEEL the vibrations that are sent out when someone else says it. I truly FEEL the discord with my own vibrations, it makes me wince to hear the word! That is how powerful that word is and how much we have tuned out our inner clarity by flooding our energy bodies with this word!

And the fact is, that word DOES resonate with so many, because so many people struggle with so much H@te. But if you take that word OUT of your language, it is AMAZING at how your view of the world can change. Mine surely has.

Try using ‘dislike’ instead. You can make this shift! It will take conscious reminders to yourself, but you CAN do it. Perhaps partner with a friend and help remind one another 🙂


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