My Homebirth Stories …


I wrote both of these homebirth stories in the days after they happened … but I want to link to them here, fresh, so you can easily find them.

The birth story of my first daughter has not yet been published, it is inside the pages of Wild Horse, Teach Me. This book is my personal journey of spiritual awakening, as guided by non-human masters – the wild horses themselves. The pregnancy and birth of my first daughter is deeply woven in this story, as she quite literally, rode around on the top of her head, inside of my tummy. Together, we gentled a 1,000 pound wild Mustang and embarked on a journey to wild freedom, that I truly never knew even existed.

– My oldest daughter, as her spirit grew her body in my womb, she too was one of those ‘non-human’ masters, just like the wild horses. She has always known the secrets of a free-living Soul.

It was truly the awakening that I experienced while birthing her, that opened the doorways for her sisters yet to come.

The blogs linked below are the unique home birth stories of her sisters, that now are fully here …

The homebirth story of our second daughter, Sorrael Lyn.

The homebirth story of our third daughter, Mira Sol.

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