My Child’s WILD I AM

The WILD I AM. It is that deep authentic self that exists within us, way before the world told us who to be.

We have many inner WILD I AMs. They ask to come to the surface at different times in our life to guide us through our journey of expressing and manifesting our true authentic self in this world.

There are infinite WILD I AMs – but here are a few … FEELING, ORIGINAL, CREATIVE, CONNECTION, HOME, PEACE, LOVE, INTUITION, SPACIOUSNESS, FLOW, ENERGY and so so so many more.

We all are born with these WILD I AMs, but when our Unlimited Soul moves into what appears to be a Limited physical form, well it is then that our WILD I AM needs guidance. The WILD I AM is of the Unseen, pure potential – it has all the pieces to create an infinite number of realities. But the physical form of human existence is of the Seen world. This is the opportunity for the WILD I AM to create unique ‘gifts’. These are manifested, hard and fast, created realities. This is our Seen world and it is a creation of the Unseen, where the WILD I AM lives.

Now, the goal, and what I feel is the intent of this life we live, is to take our WILD I AM and pair it with supportive Domestic I AM qualities that enable the WILD I AM to manifest beautiful gifts into this world. All to often however, we do not receive this type of guidance and our WILD I AM is left – well going WILD! … This current world is not very supportive of WILD I AMs gone wild 🙂 … and what happens is Self-Limiting Domestic I AMs are placed upon us – in effort to shove down and suppress the WILD I AM within. We often fight it at first, but ultimately we cave and we give into a suppressed existence. We even start to believe that this suppressed existence is all that there is and all that there can be. What is even sadder, is we start to believe that this is WHO WE ARE. It becomes our definition of Self. And so we do the best we can, to survive it, until gifted with a death – that we fear. Really not such a great way to live!

BUT – it does NOT have to be this way! … at ANY time in life the inner WILD I AM can be reawakened and self limiting Domestic I AMs can be peeled away and new supportive ones can be created. It is never too late, in fact it is ALWAYS the time it is MEANT TO BE. Because all the ‘struggles’ of a suppressed WILD I AM are there ON PURPOSE to offer fabulous support to the ultimate mission of that same WILD I AM! So – the Timing is actually – PERFECT!

I want to share an example that may help this make more sense …

My daughter and I share a deep inner WILD I AM. It is the WILD I AM of FREEFORM. …

Freeform is basically the inner desire to be totally Unlimited, Free Flowing, NOT boxed in. Limitless. The WILD I AM Freeform inspires many creative ideas, so many that it can be overwhelming. It creates a burning desire to CREATE constantly. As in … at 3 am in the morning. I mean CONSTANTLY these ideas bombard us, often while we are still in the midst of working on a previous one! Did I say Overwhelming? Whew – it surely can be that!

Here is the thing, and I know, because I live it – when the WILD I AM of FREEFORM does not have the proper Domestic I AMs to support it – it can become torturous. One issue is that as you create, when a creation starts to move into a finalized form. The WILD I AM of Freeform starts to resist. Often we are entirely unaware this is happening. I have had it happen MANY times and did not even know what was going on!

For example my husband and I set off on a joint venture to create handmade soap. well my Freeform WILD I AM had a BLAST with creating the perfect original unique bar of soap… each one looked a bit different and it felt so right … then my husband proclaimed that there was no way we could market it if all the bars were different weights, so he created this tool to cut all the bars in perfect even sizes – as I watched him demo this tool, cutting my Freeformed creation into PERFECTLY even sized bars – my stomach literally turned and I about threw up! HA! I know how silly that sounds, but it was my inner WILD I AM of Freeform reacting to my creation being ‘boxed in’ – no longer in ‘Freeform’ anymore – no longer ‘me’ … it was time to let it go and I deeply resisted.

Now that is one simplified example, but there are many. I can think back on countless times that I have bailed at the tail end of a project, not really knowing why, just knowing it no longer ‘felt right’ to do it so I just had to stop. (I have Always been a big one of Following my inner Feel) It left me thinking that I was ‘Not good at finishing things’ … that I was one of ‘those people’ that never really got anything big accomplished. Well, now I know it was my WILD I AM of Freeform that made me feel ‘off’ as this creation, born out of Freeform – entered a stage of ‘boxed in’ completion. Now boxed in, with lines around it, all fixed and solid and out in the manifested world. One might think that should be the existing part, but for me – my WILD I AM deeply resists it.

Well, now I KNOW this about myself. Unfortunately the Unhealthy Domestic I AM that tells me ‘You do not complete things’ ie ‘Domestic I AM Failure’ is already well established in my subconscious and that can Easily become a torturous cycle .. because not only my WILD I AM of Freeform screams to me – do not let your freedom gets boxed in! .. Now I also have another, very aggravating voice of Domestic I AM that says – you will never finish this …

But, now that I have developed some HELPFUL Domestic I AMs I can change this reality. One deeply helpful Domestic I AM is AWARENESS – because I am now Aware, I can now actually be conscious of this self limiting process and change my internal pattern. So now when I get that familiar feeling at the end of a project that says, oh this is not meant for you, you need to move on to XYZ. I can remind my Self where it is coming from and I can recognize that I CAN finish this. Just recognizing that I CAN and that my inner feeling of I ‘should not’ is NOT a Feeling to follow right now – well THAT makes ALL the difference for me!

Now – back to my daughter. She has this SAME WILD I AM that I do of FREEFORM. As a mother – How do I help her at 6 years old???

Every morning she wakes with grand ideas of what she wants to create and takes off after them. She is now 6 years old and I already have started to see a bit of the same pattern that I have within myself. She has SO many ideas, they often flood her all at once, and it is easy for her to get overwhelmed with it all. One brilliant idea can get easily distracted by another and feel overwhelming. And taking them all the way to completion – well that tail end part of boxing it in is hard.

I get it. I AM that too. As her mother, I want to HELP her learn to embody this WILD I AM of Freeform in a way that empowers her, that helps her manifest the many gifts she has to offer into this world.

So what Domestic I AMs would help her and How can we develop them?

The one we are working on now is the Domestic I AM of Dedication. You see, my daughter came to me a while back with one of her many grand ideas. She wanted to write a children’s book about a special goat we have, that was born kind of dwarfed. This goat’s name is Delilah and she is now the favorite at the Goat Yoga events we host. After announcing the idea to me, my daughter immediately went to work, saturating herself in drawing and writing out the story line for her book.

A light bulb went off for me as I realized what a GREAT opportunity to develop a supportive Domestic I AM for her! If I partnered with her and helped her make this book a reality, a reality that she could SEE and touch – how empowering would that be – that she CAN finish things! And the Domestic I AM of Dedication would be the catalyst to this completion. So, as she and I worked together on this book, drawing and painting the detailed pages, and she reached some moments of .. oh I really want o move on to XYZ project … I reminded her that when we bring an idea into reality, there is often a time when we will lose motivation and that is when we must remember to be DEDICATED to the creation.

As we painted all 40 plus pages, we practiced thinking about what a gift this will be to share with family and friends. She was especially excited to visualize her grandparents reading her book and smiling 🙂 This lifted our spirits and helped us dig down to muster the Dedication to Finish what we started.

This book ‘Delilah – the Yoga Goat’ is almost ready to be published – we are waiting for the proof to come any day now. What a wonderful reminder for my daughter’s subconscious. That I CAN finish things, that I AM dedicated, that I AM Freeform and that I can be all of these TOGETHER. That is the goal right? The goal of a Soul manifesting into form – to join the Wild and Domestic I AMs and to be a Co-Creator in this world.

I am deeply honored at the opportunity to assist my own children in creating the Domestic I AMs to support their WILD I AM selves and I am deeply honored to help other individuals on this journey as well – this is the basis of my new foundation online course ‘ THE WILD I AM EXPERIENCE ‘ – it is a Wild Mustang Guided journey of uncovering your inner WILD I AM!

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