“Get on a horse” the voice said “Just get on a horse and Ride”

the voice was strong and firm. It came from someplace beyond me, yet it was me the same. Almost as if it was a higher version of me. A more advances, well seasoned and experienced ‘Self’ that had figured this life out and knew the secret I needed to hear.

“Get on a Horse”

So simple. So clear.

I was 13 years old. I had always been shy.

When I first went to preschool I would hid under the table and play with little toy horses, creating all sorts of magical stories in my mind. Always with a horse as my best friend.

At 13, I could no longer hide under the table, so I did my best to just be quiet and not draw attention to myself. I felt so small and smaller still when surrounded by my peers.

I was walking in the hallway at school one day, feeling thankful I was the only one, when a fellow student came around the corner. She was the most popular girl at school and I was terrified of her. I thought I wanted to be her. But I was terrified in her presence.

As she came closer I felt myself shrink and shrink inside. And that is when I heard it.

“Get on a Horse” “Just get on and ride”

And so I did. I got on a horse in my mind and I rode. I will NEVER forget the tangible feeling of my spirit GROWING to fill my entire physical body and growing outward still, until it filled the entire hall, the entire school. I was overflowing with the fullness of my true spirit and it was other worldly.

I did not feel shy. I did not feel afraid. I did not feel superior. I did not feel inferior. I feel like I was FINALLY Me. ME, My true ME.

I have carried that memory with me and shared this story many times. As I have gone through life horses have always been my source of confidence. My physical reality began to mirror what I had always dreamed within as I began gentling wild horses and riding with no tack – just me and the horse. The reality has grown even more to now a herd of horses that I have merged within. We ride as one unit. The herd and me.

The way it has always been in the unseen, now in the seen world for me to share what has always been my heart, with all of you.

Power, beauty and spirit overflow.


This is where the “Mustang Messages” came from. It is my voice, gifted by, inspired by and supported by these amazing wild horses.

I offer these Mustang Messages in a variety of ways … below is a video from an event where I offered a poem about the story I shared above. The Mustang I am riding is Dance, a mustang born in the wild of Utah.

I also offer Mustang Messages that are more complex in depth and subject to adults. Below is a video from a Mustang Message I offered just after an election where our country was deeply divided. It is on “Compassion for Passion”

MMJ also travels to the backyards of school houses and talks to young children with the Mustangs to support her and engage them.



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