Location: 1001 Green Dairy Rd Kelly, NC 28448 (We are only open to the public during scheduled events as this is also our personal home)

Date: Jan 27th, 2019 at 2 pm EST

  • The contact information we have for you is what you entered when you made your donation. If this is not your best email, please do email us at so that we have your correct information.

Patreon is a great way to reach us. It is like FB in that it is an interactive social media platform, but it is not FB 🙂 We host a paid Member group via Patreon, but we also post ‘Public’ posts there that are available and free for all to see. To see our public post about this Mustang Meditation visit –> Patreon HERE

ALSO, PLEASE be sure to look for a post on Patreon the day before the meditation to confirm weather. (We will reschedule if weather is not suitable as this is an outdoor event)

You may also email us at

What to bring? Please bring either a foldable chair, yoga mat or towel to sit on. (you are free to sit right on the bare earth)

A few things we would like for you to know … Our farm is currently under major construction, as we are building a new home and living in Grace, our RV. This Meditation will be held at the front entrance of our property, which is far away from our building site, barns and home. We do ask that participants stay in this area of the meditation. We do have a very clean composting toilet that will be set up for participants use. We ask that participants do not enter the pasture with the horses and refrain from any petting over the fence until you have been given the ‘ok’ to do so. Our Mustangs are just as individual as you and I am some of them like to be petted, while some prefer their space. Respecting their well being and individuality is very important. There will be ample time for pictures and petting of the Mustangs that love that type of contact after the meditation.

** Please note that there will be a discrete small fence between you and the Mustangs. This is not seen in the photos here of the herd and Mary.**