Magic – Buckskin Pinto mare from South Steens, OR

Magic was the inspiration behind my adoption of The Soul Sisters in 2017. She has become a core member of the herd and I could not imagine doing what I do without her.

Our history together …


Magic was the third wild Mustang I adopted. For the first two months in our relationship building I felt her flip me the birdie every day. It was quite the adjustment, just coming from having spent all this time with sweet Sueño just the 3 months prior. The fact that Magic was simply so gorgeous did help a bit. She was pretty to look at on the outside, but dreadful to look at on the inside – unless you were ok with hearing profanities spewed at you right and left.

I have learned so much from each wild horse I have gentled and Magic is certainly no exception. The anger towards me was not because she disliked me, it was because she did not understand me and she feared what she did not understand – as many of us do.

The Extreme Mustang Makeover (EMM) that I was in with Magic was different from the others I competed in. With the others I adopted my wild horse up front, she would be mine forever. This type of EMM, called Mustang Magic, was an invitational event. Only trainers that had finished strong in previous competitions were selected and when I was given the invite, I guess my ego just could not say no. (yes I have an ‘ego’ too … had more of one then, all works for good, because it was the catalyst behind some wonderful things – like Magic!) Even though I was not comfortable with the thought of the adoption at the end. If I wanted to keep her, I would have to buy her myself and bid against everyone else that wanted her AFTER I had trained her for 4 months. I was more concerned with winning her bid than how we finished in the competition! Magic helped me out by charging the bars of her stall when anyone else would approach and I was able to win her bid and bring her home.

Below is a video of Magic 6 months after I got her. She does not charge people anymore 🙂

Below is a video of our freestyle at Mustang Magic in Texas Jan. 2012. this was 100 days after wild.

Magic and MMJ performing at the EMM Magic event Jan 2012


Magic has now become one of the strongest members of the Mustang liberty team. It is ironic because she was afraid to even trot beside me for months – but now when I trot and offer my shoulder, she charges to mirror up with me. I am in amazement at how blessed I am to have her in the Herd. To think she was my ‘random draw’ – I think it’s pretty clear there is nothing random about any draw in life. I am thankful for this one for sure!

I Am Herd Trio
I Am Herd Trio – Magic in the middle


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