Line Dance – Dun Mustang Gelding from Sulfur, Utah

If Dance were human he would be that shy little boy that stands in the corner of the play ground. Afraid of everything and everyone, afraid of life itself. All he would need is someone to come along and sweep him up under their wing, showing him that life can be kind and safe. Once he began to trust he would come out of his shell and be simply brilliant at whatever he did.

As my relationship with Dance has grown and flourished, his personality has really come into himself. The fact is, Dance is a unique little power house of a Wild Mustang. Though a bit more like a deer than a horse in natural tendencies. Once he understands something, he owns it and it becomes part of him. Though his wild ‘deer like’ nature always remains not far from the surface as well. He is quick and catty and loves to play ‘wild mustang stallion’ with the herd he lives with.

our history together …

Dance was the 5th wild Mustang I adopted. He was the only Mustang that I did not adopt directly from BLM (the government entity that manages the wild horses in the USA) He had been adopted by a family that never gentled him and after owning him a year, they opted to give him away. He was more fearful of people than any Mustang I have had. The tools Lindsay’s Faith taught me early on were well utilized again, even more so, with this handsome fellow.

Below is a video from a previous workshop I offered that really embraces the progress of relationship building with Line Dance.

Line Dance
Line Dance first touches – photo by Good Call!

Below is a video clip of our first touches …

He reminded me more of a deer than a horse, the way he would scatter at the drop of a hat. With time he has grown to trust me and become a tremendous asset to sharing the Mustang Messages. He is proof that every horse and every human deserves the confidence to shine their inner light.

Below is a video of Line Dance and Magic.

Below is Dance and Colors. This was about a year and a half after I adopted Dance.

Dance & Colors
Dance (on left) and Colors under Ribbon


Mirrored – Dance and MMJ



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