Lindsay’s Faith – Bay Roan Mustang mare with a Silver Mane & Tail from White Mountain, WY

If human, Lindsay’s Faith would be a wise, all knowing prophet. She would not be motivated by anything but inner peace. She would desire to help others, but only if they came to her with an open heart and open mind. She would demand respect from others as a pure reflection of her respect for her own self. She would think the other Mustang’s silly play was … well silly.

Lindsay's Faith & MMJ
Lindsay’s Faith and MMJ

Lindsay’s Faith is the very first Mustang I adopted from the wild and gentled. She was born and ran wild in the cold terrain of White Mountain, Wyoming. She was 7 years old and still wild and unadopted, having given birth to multiple foals, when I adopted her in May of 2010.

I named her after my Daddy. His name is Lindsay and his unconditional love for me and faith in me has been a true catalyst to my dreams coming true.

Our history together …

Lindsay was my partner for the first Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover (SEMM) that I competed in. She taught me depth, patience, grazing mode, inner peace. She taught me to find these things before I used up her valuable time. She was the teacher and I was the student.

Lindsay and MMJ
First touches – Lindsay and MMJ


The SEMM was a competition where we were given 100 days to gentle and train a wild horse. At the conclusion of the training all the teams would travel from all corners of the country to Texas to compete. The top twenty made finals and first place would win $50,000. We did make finals, but due to my racing heart and overwhelming nerves we finished 17th that year in the competition. I felt like a failure leaving the arena that day. I was determined to come make the next year and do it right.

Emily Peak photo
AFTH – Lindsay’s Faith Emily Peak Photography


My journey with Lindsay’s Faith was far from over, one year later we competed together in a National Realty TV Show called “America’s Favorite Trail Horse”. It was much like American Idol for horse and human teams. We were blessed to not only make the finals, but win the entire competition – thanks to a supportive public that voted us on top. The award came with a $30,000 payout and the first national title I had received. All because of a wild horse.

AFTH Win picture


This award led to many great things – including this article in Horse Illustrated.


Thanks to this special Mustang and this competition that enabled us to stand out from the rest Breyer Model Horses selected Lindsay’s Faith to immortalize as a Breyer Horse! What a reality that dreams are made of! My bed room floor was covered in Breyer horses as a child. I acted out countless dreams with those plastic figurines. The emotion was indescribable when the first Lindsay’s Faith Breyer arrived at my door.

Breyer Model of Lindsay’s Faith
Wild Mustang, Lindsay's Faith on pick up day and her Breyer Model that would be created 3 years later.
Wild Mustang & her Breyer Model

I have always felt inspired to tell a story of ‘belief in ones self’ through the heart of a Mustang. My children’s book, Silver Mane, was my first adventure in doing just that. It is a chapter book that is based on the true story of Lindsay’s Faith, her character is humanized a bit in order for the young reader to better relate.

Just last year I wrote another book for younger readers about Lindsay’s Faith (Lenny in the book) Be You Lenny is a coloring book as well as first reader book.


Today Lindsay’s Faith still lives at our home, Be Life Farm. She will forever remain one of my most important teachers, as she introduced me to the world of the Wild Mustang and all the insight they have to offer.

New Life
New Life – Lindsay’s Faith


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  1. Mary my heart is so full after reading this portion I’ll just close the computer and head to bed. The blessings that come from the love between horse and human (girls especially) are treasures and those will be what I pondered as I thank God for the beautiful day He gave me today. Thanks

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