Invisible Hands. Holding Strong

I have had such a strong mental image of all of these invisible hands, reaching out to one another. Coming together and holding firm, solid, supportive.

This trip, these new wild horses. It is all about coming together. Partnerships. Support. It is about seeing what it is we desire and bringing it into reality through our unified power of collective support.

I have enjoying brainstorming ideas of ways to bring more and more people together to join in on this invisible holding hands and one, FUN way I came up with is called our …

17 Days of GiveAways ~ Interactive Inspiration by I AM HERD’

We have partnered up with a bunch of really GREAT businesses to bring YOU free GiveAways each and every day of our 17 day WILD HORSE ROAD TRIP. Starting Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th, 2017.

Here is how it will go … every morning at 7:17 am EST I AM HERD will make an INTERACTIVE INSPIRATIONAL post on the I AM HERD FB page – You will then be able to comment with your response under the post and your comment will enter you in a random drawing for FREE STUFF. Please be sure you comment on the original I AM HERD post, not the shared post on another page so that we SEE your comment and can include you in the drawing 🙂

I AM HERD has partnered with Soulful Eyes Healing Ranch to create these Interactive Inspirations for you. It is our intent that they bring you peace, joy and perhaps a new perspective to this beautiful life.

We have partnered with some AMAZING businesses for these GiveAways!!! … These include …

Be LIFE Farm – this is the home to the Mustang ambassadors of I AM HERD as well as HOME to our family (Mike, Mary, Filleigh Kay and Sorrael Lyn). We also have a herd of dairy goats and create handmade Be Life Goat Milk Soaps. The wild Mustang Children’ books, written by Mary (founder of I AM HERD) are available at our farm page – a portion of proceeds from book sales is always donated to non profit I AM HERD.

Mustang Meg – Mustang Meg is a wild horse photographer that spends many of her days in the wild of the South Steens (where these new Mustangs, and our Mustang ‘Magic’ are from) There are about 15 wild horse photographers in that area and they all adore the Steens herd. It is thanks to their amazing images that the public has fallen in love with the South Steens herd as well!

SandraB. Designs – Sandra creates amazing minimalistic Equine Art for her Organic cotton tees and hoodies, she also creates hats and window decals. She often includes poetry on her shirts as well.  ‘Begin the Dance’ is her slogan.

Mustang Heritage Foundation – producer of the Extreme Mustang Makeover – The EMMs are where Mary got her start into the Wild Horse world and the MHF has inspired countless others to adopt a Mustang as well. They are a non profit dedicated to helping place BLM wild mustangs in adoptive homes.


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