Intro to New Wild Horse Adventure

This is 17 day trek west to get these wild horses is SUCH an adventure and I feel SO CALLED to reach out and CONNECT with others!

The Retreats I AM HERD hosts are impossible to describe, but SO NEEDED in this world! That is much of why I created I AM HERD was/is to be able to offer these retreats to more and more people … but there is a HUGE challenge with it all. It is SO otherworldly, SO indescribable, SO Deep, So REAL, So Raw – that it is almost impossible to explain.

I have prayed for guidance on how to explain the un-explainable and …

Prayers are Answered.

Here is the deal …

I AM HERD is partnering with Ivy, a talented award winning film-maker to co-create a documentary called ‘The Soul of a Wild Horse” This will not be about training or even gentling wild horses, it will be so much deeper. It will be about the SOUL connection of horse and human and how horses have the ability to transform and uplift and change us deeply for the better. This will finally show the world WHAT I AM HERD actually is! … and it goes even beyond that – these particular Mustangs I feel led to adopt – THEY have a story a very deep story – I cannot wait to share more – but we must get them first ….

It has been laid clearly on my heart that I am meant to REACH OUT to others on this journey. This is NOT just about me, this is not even about just the wild mustangs, this is about ALL of us together.

So that is what I am doing – I am reaching out to YOU to ask if you are willing to be a part of our TEAM. This team will be a unified group of individuals that all have the common intent of helping grow the reach of this project. I cannot do this alone, but we can do AMAZING things when we PARTNER together.

It all starts Feb 14th, Valentines Day when we LAUNCH this outreach campaign and the wheels start rolling towards OREGON to bring our NEW Wild Horses HOME!

Here is what YOU can do …

1. SHARE – We will be posting to I AM HERD FB daily (beginning Feb 14th when the 17 day trip begins). ( Link –> ) We will be doing a ’17 Days of Motivation and GiveAways” as well as posting pictures from the road and LIVE fb videos. We NEED YOU to be on our team to SHARE SHARE SHARE. Share with anyone that you think might be touched, or interested in this journey. Our family of 4 (plus 2 dogs, a cat, 5 lizards and an empty horse trailer) will be trekking 7000 miles over 17 days to get these WILD ones. .. it should be a fun adventure to be a part of. Our INTENT is that this trip builds the momentum to create a wide audience of interest in I AM HERD as well as this FILM that we are creating and OF COURSE THE WILD HORSES WE ALL ADORE! We are going to need much support to bring this into reality – so we must build our team NOW!

2. DONATE – There is a paypal button where you can donate ANY AMOUNT. It is HARD for me to ask for money – but I realize that I MUST. I am running a non-profit, I must get used to this! lol … and this $ will go to WONDERFUL things – if we receive more than we need to get these WILD ones then the overflow will support other I AM HERD programs like our RETREATS!!! The $ will go to GOOD and even a DOLLAR counts – Plus it will help YOU FEEL as connected to this as you truly ARE! We WELCOME your support. We WELCOME YOU! This is a great page to SHARE with your friends and ask for Donations on behalf of I AM HERD (donate button is on that page) –

3. PRAYERS. POSITIVE LIGHT. LOVE. GOOD VIBRATIONS. POSITIVE INTENTIONS for protection, and Blessings and ABUNDANCE for the reach of these new wild horses, this Film and I AM HERD for this WORLD! – this is the MOST VALUABLE THING you can offer us!!!


I will be creating a private fb group where we will post updates for ways YOU can help us on this trip – are you up for being a part of that? It will be a group where we will share with YOU and then you take the message forward and SHARE WITH others!!!!

Let me know with a response here, a reply to this email,  if you are up for it!!!

I am so thankful for YOU and so thankful for our unified LIGHT in this world!

I feel strongly that I am meant to ASK for help with this venture, to ASK GOD for help, but to realize that God is within YOU too – so when I ask for YOUR help, I am asking for the God within YOU to join the God within ME and so that, my friend is what I am doing.


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