I am Sorry

MMJ & Sueño


I have always had an overwhelming need to take it upon myself to try to make others feel good about themselves. It is something that drives my purpose in life, but it can also be a tremendous crutch. I have allowed the words and opinions of others to drag me down more than I would like to admit. I realize that the only way I can live my ultimate purpose in this lifetime is to release any attachment to what others think or say and simply live my life from the inside out.

One major thing I am adjusting is how I talk (and think) when I use the term “I am Sorry”.

I used to say “I am Sorry” all the time (still have to catch myself now) When you apologize, you make the other person feel that you have something to be sorry for. Often I would say “I am Sorry” simply to attempt to make the other person feel better about themselves.

Now, if you have done something that you do feel sorry for doing – by all means say it, do not hesitate, but do not use the term to falsely lift someone else up. You only make them falsely feel bigger, because you’ve presented yourself to be smaller – It is a form of bullying yourself. This is living from the outside in.

Body, Mind and Energy all mirror one another and we can learn a lot from analyzing one aspect, then paralleling it with another. Our body is meant to heal from the inside out. When an injury tries to heal from the outside in, it traps the unhealthy tissue inside and it festers until it bursts back open. The physical body can only withstand a certain amount of being patched up from the outside in before it has to bust OUT. The only way for the body to heal properly and permanently is from the inside out.

When we live from the outside in we are in constant need of approval from others, to fuel us to keep going. We can only withstand this for so long before we burst open. When we live from the inside out we have a never ending supply of fuel to run on, because on the inside is our divine connection to our ultimate Source – where there is a never ending flow of fuel to run on.

Discover what helps YOU live from the inside out. It may be music, church, your horses, meditation or simply laying flat out in the grass just soaking in the sun. We are all unique and need to connect with our inner selves in ways that resonate with our own soul. Do not live your life trying to ‘find yourself’ by looking outside of yourself for what dwells within. Do not get stuck living a life from the outside in, simply because your parents or friends or boss told you this is how it is done.

I find that the things I am the most passionate about sharing with others are the very things I need to hear myself loud and clear. I vow to release any attachment to what others think or say and simply live my life from the inside out.

Not easy, but simple – Inside Out.


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