Mary Miller-Jordan founded the non-profit I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary in 2016.

The Mission:
(1) To provide safe sanctuary to wild Mustangs in need
(2) To share the sanctuary with humans drawn to them

Currently the sanctuary is safe haven to 17 (formerly) wild Mustangs, from the Mustang Ambassadors that support the I AM HERD programs for humans to family bands of Mustangs that have gathered from the wild and reunited together at the I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary!

Mary partners with the Mustang Ambassadors and brings the sanctuary to those that need it most, traveling to public schools and offering Mustang Mentorship & Mustang Meditations right in the backyard of the schools.

In 2019 Mary is taking the sanctuary on the road traveling 5000 miles to 7 large cities partnering with 3 of the Mustang Ambassadors to create pockets of peace all across the country!

Learn more about I AM HERD and the 2019 Share the Sanctuary Tour at