HOW can Wild Mustangs assist in my Self Improvement???

I hear some of you thinking … So you are telling me that these ‘Wild Mustang Guides’ can actually assist ME on my own self improvement journey to more deeply connect with my authentic self? And you are saying they can do this through a computer screen? I just do not get it – help me understand.

Honestly the ways the Wild Mustang Guides can assist us are exponential and I discover more ways daily, but I will feature three primary methods they use for you here to help you understand ‘How Can Wild Mustangs help???’

  1. Wild Mustangs embody, express and willingly share deeply innate tools to quickly and effectively move into a Grazing Mode space of inner peace. Allowing emotions to freely move through us, rather than remain stuck within. These innate tools exist within us as well. The Mustangs help us learn how to tap into this inner hard-wiring and tune into what they know and practice daily.
  2. Wild Mustangs offer a safe haven of support to create a bridge for us to move back into experiences that we may have shut out. Their ability to carry us is not limited to their physical bodies. They desire to energetically and spiritually connect with us as well to help guide us to what we need to see and remember in our life.
  3. Wild Mustangs mirror our inner highest self. They reflect to us all that we have the potential to be, if we only choose to do the work to create the space to embody this higher version of our current self. They have the unique ability to offer us the experience of feeling our authentic self – our Wild I AM

These are their gifts to You and to Me, but what we do with those gifts is entirely up to us. As with any self development work, it has to grow from the ‘inside-> out’ so The Wild Mustang Guides and I can make no guarantees as to what your personal experiences with this work will be. However, I can say with 100% clarity that these amazing Beings have guided me to my own inner discovery of my own authentic self, my WILD I AM and I am honored to have the opportunity to share with others what they share with me.

“Reflections of you, reflections of me
The beauty in you is so easy to see
Reflections of you, reflections of me
The beauty in me is so _________ “

With deep gratitude,

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