Happy Breastfeeding Week!

That moment when your liberty session comes to a screeching halt for two wild babies to nurse 🙂

Developing a relationship with these two Soul Sisters has been a one of a kind experience. Honoring their authentic relationship with one another has been my guiding intention from the beginning and now honoring their motherhood is just as much a top priority.

I must admit, it is a new feeling to me to be working with horses at liberty, developing new tools of communication and having them both hooked on as we move around the field – then abruptly have them both just slam on brakes as these two babies come flying up, together, ready for a snack 🙂

They stop and let the babies nurse and I stop and take a picture. For a moment our agenda is out the window, all that matters is to provide for the needs of their wild children. Just being there, grounded for them as they fill their tummies with food that is as alive as they are.

I know the feeling. Quite personally I know the feeling. I have a 6 year old who nursed until she was 4 and a half, a 2 year old that is not slowing down one bit on asking for what we call the ‘mungee’ and pregnant with number three, who I have all ideas I will be tandem nursing along side our 2 year old.

I love it and it gets real old at the same time. Sometimes I just get tired and ‘touched out’ so to speak, but I know the life force that flows in this milk and I know what it is doing for them is not only nourishing their bodies like no other food can, but also providing such valuable core qualities within their unconscious. Values that tell them they will always have what they need, that there is an abundance of nourishment and life force in this amazing world and that they have every right to be confident in who they are because mama has got their back … just like the Unseen force that breathes us all, will have their back now and forever.

This is my opportunity to prove this fact to them, to prove it in their current reality. A reality that will ever evolve and grow and change, but a reality that will be built upon their inner road map. A road map that is being built within their operating systems as I type. A road map that they will use their entire lives.

Yes, it wears me out. Yes these mungees get tired. Yes it is so worth it to give these All Mighty Women the foundation they asked for when they chose me as their mother.

So, in honor of Breastfeeding Week, I honor these amazing mama’s and all the amazing mamas out there. Those that breast feed and those that do not. To have the gift of helping write the road map your child will carry through life, it is a tremendous honor. An honor that fully deserves our willingness to slam on brakes and just be grounded for them – in whatever way they need.

May I always strive to remember the willingness of the #SoulSisters to do just that and may I always strive to be so willing myself. Even in the midst of all the passions and projects I always have in the works in this life. Especially in the midst. Especially.



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