Ethereal Unity – Soul Sister Wild Horses

It has been a bit of a whirlwind since we arrived in Burns, OR. You would think traveling would be the ‘whirlwind’ part, but in a way it is the simplest. While traveling you know what you need to do, simply drive to get from point A to point B, but once in Burns there was a lot more than A to B.

We were able to go visit the girls at the BLM holding facility and honestly I have yet to find the words to describe it. Perhaps there are no words. To see the magnetic, magical energy flow seamlessly between the two of them and the feel it pour out into the space all around them. It was so powerful, yet so … ethereal.

They were definitely fearful of us, as most wild horses would be. We watched from the rail as they ran back and forth in their small paddock, seeking a spot that would be the farthest they could get from our peering eyes. I just watched in awe as they ran, and stopped and looked and ran again. What a ride they have in store. Little do they know we are about to load up and drive all the way across the country.

I was very fortunate that a fellow Mustang friend, Krissy Matterson, took me out on the range of the actual South Steens mountain where these girls were recently trapped. (I took video – it is amazing!)

The stillness there was otherworldly. It was obvious how a wild horse would easily be able to detect the slightest shift in energy in such a vast, still place. To think of them taking that same highly sensitive, highly attuned energy and to have to somehow tolerate a drive in a metal box all the way across the country seems so wrong. But I realize it is the only way and it will be worth it. All difficult things prove to be worth it in one way or another.

I take comfort in the knowing that they will find peace again, at our Be Life Farm, after this long journey and that they will find peace in one another along the way.

Wild Peace.

Ethereal Unity.

Soul Sisters.


5 Thoughts on “Ethereal Unity – Soul Sister Wild Horses

  1. I learned a new word today ❤❤❤ethereal!!! What a beautiful word and meaning I love these two souls and I love that you are sharing these two beautiful delicate souls with us!!! I will be praying you have a safe trip back homelove you guys and enjoy your journey All Gods Blessings Dana

  2. This has been such a journey and more to come. The excitement I feel as I see these girls is overwhelming. It’s like they are one horse. Can’t wait to see them in person. Be Life Farm, here I come . Blessings to you and family.

  3. Mary, I just feel so strongly that the three of you will form a triangle of love and that sometime in the future when the time is right, there will pop up this video of you standing with one leg on each back of the soul sisters and your long kite flying out of your hands. And when the babies get old enough, FK will be doing the same on the babies. Such an amazing journey for everyone! Be safe and can’t wait to follow the rest of your journey…

  4. They are the most gorgeous horses, I don’t know the words to describe their energy. What a magical mission you are on! Thank you for sharing, your courage and compassion are so inspiring

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