Dust in the Sunbeam

I stopped yesterday, mesmerized by the glowing particles of the dust, dancing in the light of a sunbeam. Under the glow of the sun I could easily see them move. Easily see their direction, their flow. But in the shadow, just beside the sunbeam, I saw nothing. I know they were still there, just as many of them, still dancing and flowing all around me, but I was blind to them in the shadow.
It reminded me of what their spirits must be like. All around me, even within me. Dancing, flowing, ready and willing to excitedly guide me. Anxious to share with me, their unique vantage point they live from now. To continue to be a part of my existence on earth – perhaps more now than ever before. But often I feel blind to them, I cannot always see them clearly. Sometimes I am so blind in my shadows that I cannot see them at all.
But always, always the light comes back. The sun rises again I am bathed in it’s warm glow. In the warmth of the sun I can feel them again. Their spirits that have been dancing within me in the dark are once again lit up. I feel their fire blaze within me and I feel as if they are both overflowing from every pore of my soul. I feel them guiding, giggling, smiling and shining.
I feel it each time I am brave enough to step out from behind my own shadow and step boldly, blindly, bravely into the light once again.
I feel them. I feel you. I feel me.

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