Domestic I AM ~ PATTERNS

I have talked so much about the WILD I AM, but the Domestic I AM is just as important. The Domestic I AM either supports or limits the WILD I AM – and the very SAME Domestic I AM can play both roles – limiting or supporting. Depending on how it is used by the Consciousness of the individual.

My 6 year old daughter has developed the Domestic I AM of Pattern by saying ‘FINE’ in a very perturbed way, everytime she feels frustrated. The way she says ‘FINE’ carries such penetrating energy to those it is directed at and to herself – because whatever she directs at others – she also absorbs herself. I wanted to help her understand that this was not helpful to herself, nor was it fair to others to speak so harshly.

So we talked about Patterns. I asked her if she knew what a Pattern was and she said yes. She said it is like …

‘triangle – square – triangle – square – triangle – square’

So I said YES .. that is right. And this is the same Pattern that is happening with the word Fine (when said in that harsh tone)

‘frustrated – FINE – frustrated – FINE – frustrated’

I kept on and on, saying ‘FINE’ in my best recreation of hers that I could .. then she helped me out, because she really does say it much better than me! … and she continued … ‘frustrated – FINE – frustrated – FINE – frustrated …

I finally stopped her and said – so did Frustrated come first or FINE? … at first she said it was the thing that made her Frustrated that came first … but once we practiced repeating the Pattern again and again, it was more clear that the energy behind the word FINE was also causing more frustration – frustration within herself as well as those around her… which then caused her to say FINE again and the Pattern rolls on.

Once the Pattern of Frustrated – FINE was set in motion, one could not tell which came first – one just prompted the next, again and again.

A ‘Frustrated – FINE’ life … on repeat – forever! (I know quite a few folks that unfortunately are very stuck in this trap)

Well, of course it does NOT have to be this way, but it QUICKLY becomes that way when we allow ourselves to be blind to our Domestic I AM Patterns and let them play us like a puppet show.

We blame the external event that caused the Frustration in our minds…. and we remain blind to the fact that our reaction to the Frustration is what sets in motion the PATTERN. .. and the Pattern is what rolls out the narration of our life.

We THINK we cannot change the external events – because we THINK life is happening TO us. But in fact we CAN change External events – just NOT Externally. We CHANGE External events INTERNALLY – by Changing our PATTERNS.

So, we CAN consciously change the Domestic I AM of Pattern if we choose to do so …

So, I said to her – If we were doing triangle – square – triangle – square – triangle – square … then circle … that would change the Pattern right?

She agreed.

So what can we do to change the Pattern of ‘Frustrated – FINE …’

She said … DANCE!

Oh I love her! … she said the next time she felt frustrated, instead of saying FINE – she would DANCE and surely that would change the Pattern 😉

Brilliant child she is 😉

What Domestic I AM Patterns do you have? We all have them, as soon as we are birthed into this physical plane our mind attempts to find Patterns in things. Patterns are what make us feel safe on the most basic, primitive level. …

It is the PATTERN of Rhythm within the Wild Mustang that gives innate Peace … Patterns are natural and necessary. You should feel no self judgement for the Patterns in your life, even your self-limiting ones. They were born of an innate attempt at survival. And you subconsciously grasp a hold of them for dear life, because you were born – to survive.

But DO know that you CAN consciously choose which Patterns you desire to keep and which ones you want to change. This is in fact the best and quickest way to CHANGE your life.

Just look for your Triangles and Squares and insert a Circle … and see what happens next! …… ohhhh wait wait wait – THAT is the scary part though!

What comes after the CIRCLE??? _____________ Oh my, it is BLANK!!!

That part is the innate Fear that drives us to grasp at the most self-limiting of Patterns .. because no matter how much we dislike the Triangles and Squares, at least we know what they look like, we know what to brace ourselves for.

But that Circle? … or that Dance as my daughter called it …

… and that ____________ that comes next!

Well, it is up to you if you want to see what appears in your blank space 🙂

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