I am SO grateful for your support in the Beta WILD I AM Workshop!

From this workshop, I have developed my foundations program, a full 9 week program called ‘The WILD I AM Experience’ This will be a different experience than what you previously did, although there will be commonalities.

One of the biggest differences is I am spreading out key points to give up time to focus on certain important techniques and allow this experience to unfold in the time it is meant to.

There will also be differences in that part of the experience will be pre-recorded and part will be LIVE. The LIVE days are Saturdays at 11 am EST. As always, this will be recorded and shared for on demand viewing.

If you are interested in the new format and what I have changed there are lots of details on this at ‘The WILD I AM Experience’

If you are interested in joining in on this new 9 week program, it will start Sept 22nd and all sessions are recorded and shared for viewing on demand.

Discounted cost to you is $75 … lots of details on this experience at ‘The WILD I AM Experience’

If you want to sign up here you go …