Change. Time. Want.



Change. Time. Want.
Reflecting on this image Ivy Schexnayder took only days after we arrived home with the #SoulSisters – it just feels like yesterday and 10 years ago all in the same moment. So much has changed in my relationship with them. So much is still yet to change as we grow together. I feel myself both wanting for more and missing what has yet passed, all in the same moment.
Yet ‘myself’ is just right here.
Somewhere in between something more and something passed.
Our relationship with Time and Change and Want is such an oddity to me.
We fear Time slipping away.
We fear the Change that Time brings.
Yet we want what we do not yet have.
The only way to obtain what we do not yet have is Change.
The only way for Change to pass, is for Time to pass.
But we fear Time passing.
But we fear Change.
What is it we really even want?
Do we know?
Do we want what we had?
Do we want a Change for something more?
Do we want Time to pass so that Change can occur?
Do we want Time to stand still and all stay the same?
Do we want what we had and have now And what we do not yet have?
Do we want Time to stand still And to move us forward?
Perhaps we want it all.
Perhaps we have it all.
Perhaps a moment in Time is 10 years ago, as well as right now, as well as 10 years in the future.
All at the same – Time.
Perhaps Time is just a Tool, meant to carry the winds of Change.
So that we may experience all that we want.
Perhaps it is so we may experience – ALL
To experience each moment, experience, emotion in its fullest intensity
By isolating that moment – experience – emotion
In Time.
In order for the Feelings that Fill the moment
To Be.
To Be.
Perhaps that is the real Want.
To Be.
Feel INto this Sliver of Time.
Feeling whatever is Here.
Being whatever is Here.
Carrying the Past and the Future with you.
Yet Being only the intersection of the two.

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