Mary Miller-Jordan is the creator of The Wild Horse Course. and the non-profit Mustang Sanctuary I AM HERD.

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* Mary Miller-Jordan has been featured on National Geographic, RFD-TV & HR-TV.
* Published in Horse Illustrated, Western Horseman, Cowgirl Magazine, Hobby Farms and Horse & Rider
* Featured as the Poster Image of the Extreme Mustang Makeover for 2017 and 2018 with their bareback and bridleless American Flag Freestyle.
* MMJ’s first Wild Mustang Guide is Immortalized as a BREYER Model ‘Mustang’, they won the National title of ‘America’s Favorite Trail Horse (much like ‘American Idol’ but for Horses)
* MMJ is an Extreme Mustang Makeover Judge.
* MMJ and oldest daughter are authors of multiple children’s books.
* MMJ & the Wild Mustang Guides, along with Co-host Sabinananda offer Retreats at The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary in Deer Trail, CO.
* MMJ is the producer of the documentary Wild Horse Road Trip and The Journey Gentling the Soul Sister Mustangs.
* Founder of I AM HERD Mustang Sanctuary

Mary has kept every Wild Mustang she has adopted and gentled, and the unified herd offers the support and guidance for the work she offers horses & humans.