Be Still – To let your DREAM Grow


Be Still – To let your DREAM Grow


Every horse is different, every pregnancy is different and every dream is different. They each must be treated as the unique individuals that they are.

I have had dreams I needed to chase head on, with full force, with determination, with grit.

I have had dreams that I needed to let develop, grow, strengthen, mature – all within the safety of my heart before I released them into this amazing, but difficult world.

For my first pregnancy I was meant to chase my dreams with determination, grit and courage. I was supposed to gentle my first wild Mustang and begin a journey that would change the course of my life forever. I was meant to be determined, focused and aligned with my goal. If there had been a time in that pregnancy that I had needed to change course, I most definitely would have, but I knew with everything within me that I was on the course I was meant to be on and I walked that path with confidence. The dream and infant that grew within me then is more perfectly brilliant and uniquely herSelf than anything I could ever imagine. Everything she is – is on Purpose.

I have a dream right now that is growing as I type. She first came to me carried on a white dove – both our girls introduced their spirits to us in this way. She then waited, quite impatiently, until she could convince me it was her time to be conceived …  Her physical self began as something that resembled a prehistoric single celled organism, to then something resembling a fish, to eventually something resembling an infant human being. At 22 weeks, she now swims and swallows water, much like from the ocean, in her protected world as she grows, she strengthens, she matures.

This current dream is my second pregnancy and this dream needs something different from me than my first.

She needs my stillness – My stillness is what she will receive.

I am in the process of rescheduling the events I was committed to over the next few months. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness I have received from everyone I am connected to. I would have certainly never made a commitment I did not feel fully prepared to follow through with – but we do not always know where the staircase is headed, often we can only see the step in front of us and I am taking that step.

The baby is doing WONDERFUL. Her heartbeat is very strong and she is moves constantly 🙂 I feel great too – I just need to continue feel great at home where I can remain quite, which is exactly what I will do.





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