Helix nursing UNITY!!!

Do you see this? This is so amazing to me! This is UNITY, not Omega … and this is Omega’s colt, Helix, nursing her!!!

A few days ago Omega seemed ready to be in the round pen without her baby. There are many things I can do with her with the baby at her side, but some things I cannot – so to be able to work with her, by herself, was exciting.

Well, Helix, was fine hanging out with big brother, Iam, and Auntie Unity 🙂 Omega was relaxed with the situation as well. After about 30 minutes of this set up, I noticed Helix going over to Unity to nurse! Now, keep in mind, Omega is just on the other side of the panel. If Helix had came over to her, we would have gladly let him in, but he never even asked to. He just boldly went up to Unity and started nursing – and SHE LET HIM!

It was just really cool to see and so deeply representative of who Unity is. Her Energy is so vast, open, inviting. Like a giant ocean with depths beyond the mind’s ability to fathom. What a beautiful expression of her depth and openness to see her allow little Helix right on in to get a snack while his mama was busy 🙂

And Helix, well he was not the least bit shy in his request, he seemed to just assume that – of course this would be just fine. His energy is just like that – so strong and forward. Such focused clear intent in him. You can even see it when he runs. Iam is more like his mama, Unity, open and vast full of Grazing Mode energy. When the two run together, Helix digs in and you can see his muscles just ripple, were as Iam floats – even when he is running fast – he still floats.

The way they each have such a unique feel to their energy, and how that feel is so easily felt be me and others. Well, it really makes me think about how that energy must feel to THEM. It exists within them of course, they must feel it too, if I feel it so clearly!

It would only make sense that their energy, that I feel so clearly within them, also feels very different to them as well.

It must literally FEEL different to be Helix than it FEELS to be Iam.

This is a really deep thought to me, because it leads me to think about how DIFFERENT it must FEEL to be me, versus someone else. I think typically we think of our differences as being based more on our life experiences, our environment, how we were raised. But these two have had identical up bringing, identical environments and yet, they are far from identical – though they do look like they are.

This gives me a deeper appreciation for my own Energy needs and reminds me not to compare what I need to do for me, with what others seem to need to do for them. If I was walking around in their Energy body, I might feel quite different, but all I know is my own. And I have learned what it is that this Energy body of mine needs to not just exist in this world, but to influence this world for the better.

It is my duty to care for this Energy body and not compare it to others in anyway. It is my duty to love it, just as Iam loves his and as Helix loves his and to exist in it fully. Just as these Mustangs do.

All I know is how it feels to Be Me. And becoming more and more aligned with this deeply authentic ME – it is my life’s duty. Oh how I adore how these Wild Mustang Guides truly embody this concept in the flesh with their every thought and every action. That is my goal as well.

Every Thought.

Every Action.

Aligned with Only My Authenticity.

~ mmj



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