To Love …

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To Love …

… what is here now.

Last year when we arrived home from Texas, and our Magic Play had gone so very well and I was so very excited (just as I am now!) I felt the pull to start bringing another horse along. Someone that could take the reins (hehe) from Magic when the time was right.

Magic’s sister, Kali, seemed like the perfect (and obvious) one, and so I dove back into our relationship. And we made so much progress together, and I do intend to keep going with her … but this year, coming home from this same event, having such a similar experience and yet feeling so much more aware of myself inside of it … well, I feel different now …

Magic will turn 17 years this year. I do not know her actual birth date as she was born in the wild, but I do feel her age is accurate. Her pictures from the wild confirm it.

Something I realized this year is that what we are doing really is enough, more than enough. We do not need to constantly be learning more advanced maneuvers to be enough. She already is there. And what we do is so much more than the maneuvers anyway. These Magic Plays would not be what they are if a different horse was the star. Magic is the essence. She holds the vibration and I tune into her, I match her, and when I do … that’s when the Magic really fills the air.

Yes, one day I will create these plays with another … and it may be Kali! … but that is not meant to be anytime soon. Because Magic has more to do!

This I feel so clearly now, with this Part 3 already forming in my awareness. Magic is still the center of it.

So, now that I am back home I have been exploring other ways to continue to grow my relationship with Magic … other ways to help her mind, body, and energy feel even better inside of that giant Soul of hers.

And it came to me that we should cross train … like I used to do with my barrel horse once she knew the pattern, she knew how to run, she knew what to do. We did not do those things to practice, we did other things… like jumping fences and trail riding.

So with Magic … we are exploring other things … like riding with reins!!! … I know it might seem odd, but I actually have much LESS communication with reins than without … but the benefit to this is we have a new place to discover together. And there are benefits to reins … stretching is a big one, she can stretch at liberty and when I am bridleless riding, but we do not use a neck rope, so there is no contact to reach into … but the bit or bitless bridle offers that (a place for her to reach into the contact and therefore stretch her body … which is SO helpful for our tendency to be muscle bound and hold tension)

So I dug through my bridles and found a little soft hackamore that I bought for IAm a while back. It has multiple rings, so you can use it with a little light leverage, or more like a soft side pull… and the noseband is wide and padded, so it is comfortable for her to softly lean into and take up the contact … anyway, I tried it and she loves it!

And the other thing I am holding in my awareness is to approach every session like a physical therapy session, like body work. Every movement I ask for holds the intention of helping her engage the right muscles for the job, and stretching the right muscles too … We are doing a lot of walking because of this and I am LOVING how loose she feels towards the end of our sessions.

And her half pass!!! ohhh to feel her half pass at the walk becoming so much more free and easeful … that is Thrilling for me! She has been able to do it for a while, but that tension in her body was so hard to soften… so our walking sessions are feeling so meaningful.

I can see how this obviously will only improve everything else, but I also don’t feel attached to that. Where she is is totally enough. There are elements that she already has that I would love to showcase more in our next Magic Play … we really don’t need to learn anything else new … we just need to love where we are at and find new creative ways to enjoy this space together. ✨️

And this equally applies to my growing relationship with Kali. There is no pressure for her to move up to the level of her sister. … and Kali demands her own timeline anyway, so this is really just taking Kali’s idea and pretending like it is my own.

Kali and I are in a drastically different place than we were at this time last year. Just being with her here feels so important. Scratching her itchy spots, exploring liberty in the ways she is ready.

There is no rush to create some future reality. Just here, today. Loving this incredible place we get to call home, together.

I love this picture from the show. I love how Magic is coming through her whole body so powerfully here, and yet with such softness too. We did these same mirrored lead changes last year, but this year we have matured into them more and our cue for them has evolved into more of an invitation to change, than a ‘now change’ … sometimes it’s harder for me to change with her, because she is more free to change in the moment that is best for her body, but those moments we both get it right (like this one) are so worth it … and getting it ‘wrong’ just means I am a stride early or late, and that too is ok … her lead change being as smooth and flowing as it can be is the priority… because that is a direct reflection of how she feels in her body.

Happy. Happy. How Happy I am to have the opportunity to love her like this as she turns 17.

What Magic it is 🦄

💕 Mary