“Help me make sense of your people. Help your people make sense of us. Help us by being a bridge that we can speak through. There is a bridge that can connect me to you. There is a bridge that can connect all horses to their humans, if they choose to Say YES. ” – Wild Mustang Guide Gabriela to MMJ (The inspiration behind The Wild Horse Course)

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Mary Miller-Jordan is the founder of the non-profit Mustang Sanctuary I AM HERD

Mary Miller-Jordan has been featured on National Geographic, RFD-TV & HR-TV. Published in Horse Illustrated, Western Horseman, Cowgirl Magazine, Hobby Farms and Horse & Rider and have been featured as the Poster Image of the Extreme Mustang Makeover for 2017 and 2018 with their bareback and bridleless American Flag Freestyle.  MMJ’s first Wild Mustang Guide is Immortalized as a BREYER Model ‘Mustang’, they won the National title of ‘America’s Favorite Trail Horse (much like ‘American Idol’ but for Horses)
MMJ is an Extreme Mustang Makeover Judge. MMJ and oldest daughter are authors of multiple children’s books. MMJ & the Wild Mustang Guides, along with Co-host Sabinananda offer Retreats at The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary in Deer Trail, CO. MMJ is the producer of the documentary Wild Horse Road Trip and The Journey Gentling the Soul Sister Mustangs.

Mary has kept every Wild Mustang she has adopted and gentled, and the unified herd offers the support and guidance for the work she offers horses & humans.

Mary is the founder and CEO of the non-profit Mustang Sanctuary I AM HERD. She travels to area public schools offering Mustang Mentorship and Mustang Meditation programs to children in need. Please visit www.IAMHERD.org to learn more about the work Mary does with the sanctuary.


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